March - Under Two Flags

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    Has anyone got a score for Under Two Flags - No. 23 from the Fav Band Journals No. 3 (blue Salvation Army book)? Or the whole of the marches score book? We have the full set of band books plus the selections score book, but not the marches book! Can't get it from the SA or the usual places, google has brought up nothing as well.

    Happy to beg/borrow/steal/buy!

    Ta :D
  2. GJG

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    Are you sure? I found it here very quickly and easily:

    (That's for a full set, but I'd be very surprised if WoB weren't happy to sell you the score only.)
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    I think they never made a march score book for the Blue Book, as I have never seen one.

    If you know its original General Series Journal number I may be able to search it out, but it was published just after World War One so may not be too many surviving but certain there will be one surviving somewhere. I expect the number will be a three figure one.
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    Thanks Gareth.
    We would be pleased to supply the score only. This particular listing is for the re-originated version with the parts in A4 portrait and the score in A4 landscape.