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    Hi Guys, I was hoping if someone can tell me if the march written by Philip Sparke around 1988 or so "The European" has ever been recorded and by whom. Also which cd is it on. Hope someone can help.
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    I'm not 100% certain, but I thought "The European" was written by Goff Richards? (Unless there are two, of course ... )

    Can't help with a recording, I'm afraid; certainly never heard one, but in some ways I'd be surprised if there wasn't one.
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    If it ~is~ the Goff Richards one (which was much earlier - about 78 / 79 ) it's on the LP recorded of the Gala concert after the national from the RAH.
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    The European

    Quite right Keith, The march "The European" was written in 1981 for the European Brass Band Championships of that year, by Goff Richards (God Rest His Soul), it was recorded on The Polyphonic Reproductions L.P. & Cassette PRL 011 under the guise of THE NATIONAL BRASS BAND GALA FESTIVAL CONCERT 1981 ~ the massed bands of Black Dyke, Besses, G.U.S. & Desford, Conductors were Harry Mortimer (conducted "The European") & Roy Newsome, with Philip McCann (Cornet) & Gordon Higginbottom (Mellophonium) as soloists, whether or not you can still get this recording I do not know, but I have both the L.P. & the Cassette recording.



    Hi Guys, thank you for the replies and thanks Keith for the detailed info etc. I remember hearing the march on a friday night with Charlie Chester!! I did record it on cassette tape way back then by the band on the show that night (can't remember who!) and cannot find the tape anywhere at the minute. It is a good march and I just wanted to add it to my collection of brass band music.
    If anyone could possibly make me a tape recording or even a copy on cd it would be greatly appreciated. I will try and see if I can trace down the LP or cassette tape of the Gala Festival you have said Keith.
    many thanks again for you help.
    regards CD
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    Not wise to ask anyone to make you a copy on tape or CD, but I would advise you to get in touch with Studio Music/Polyphonic who can tell you if they still have copies of the original recording.
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    Philip / Crimsondragon ~ NO WAY was I indicating that I would make a copy of the said march, I was only pointing out that I did have the two recordings.



    Hi, thank you for your replies I will try to find and purchase the original LP or tape. thanks again for your help with this.
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    Crimsondragon if you indeed stay in Northern Ireland as well as play there your National Region is UK and not non-UK. Sorry to be pedantic.

    I have a recording of Whitburn playing it (as well as the original) but going by your previous playing history you probably wouldn't want a copy of that. lol :biggrin:


    Hi , thanks for the info and your comments about the region!!.. if you have a look at the list provided for the area you play in there is nothing for northern ireland just midlands, north of england etc.. maybe this something the moderators here could look at !!? that is why i put non uk!!.
    thanks again for your input on this discussion. CD
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    Is that the one with GH playing Misty?

    If so. I also had a recording of this :clap:
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    That is correct.

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    My mistake Crimsondragon, apologies. :oops: