March Joyeuse - Emmanuel Chabrier

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    I was recently asked to send the score/parts of my band version of Chabrier's March Joyeuse to the Mill Creek Colliery Band in Canada for their upcoming "Proms" concert. When looking at the score I decided to revise it, lowering it in pitch as the top C#s in the solo cornet part might be a little off-putting. Erm, with the concert being on the 8th of May, I might be a little late for them to rehearse and perform it ... :oops: However, since this attempt was an effort to revamp and update the orchestral score for band, I am prepared to release it as a freebie. I rate this as one of the great orchestral marches and your band may have some use for it. Uploaded to Yousendit, it is available for the next 7 days to download. The score is in landscape format (A3) so remember to adjust your printer settings for A4 printing. You can review the score linked below on Sibeliusmusic's site & download the pdf file here.

    March Joyeuse (Emmanuel Chabrier)
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    :clap:Looks and sound good Tom.Interested in using it in a concert we have of orchestral music transcribed of band something new not all old stuff in the program would be great .Shame theres not a set of parts attached we have to write it out or hope photo score can read it haven forbid i might have to buy it .
    Thanks for adding this FREE to Sibelius music good work .
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    Just been to pdf file and found the part what a t~~~ i am thanks once more:oops::oops:
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    There is another band arrangement but it lacks quite a lot of detail that's in the orchestral score.

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