March - Jingle Bells availeble on Sibelius Music

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Jacob Larsen, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. Jacob Larsen

    Jacob Larsen Member

    An little march on the famous Jingle Bells. The words and music were written in 1857 by James Pierpont for a Thanksgiving program at his church in Boston. It was so well received that the children were asked to repeat it at Christmas. It has been a Christmas song ever since.

    Click below to view and listen:


    Ps. I would very much like to hear some comments on the piece...
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  2. flugeldude666

    flugeldude666 Member

    that is pretty amazingly done.

    you should be proud of that because its hard to do stuff like christmas music and for it not to disappear into the rest of the cheesy arrangements out there.

    hats off to you :clap:
  3. Jacob Larsen

    Jacob Larsen Member

    Hehe.. Thank you very much :)
  4. Carina

    Carina Member

    Fantastic! It sounds amazing and everyone has something good to play...I know that it's not really a requirement when writing music, but it's nice to keep everyone happy :D
  5. Jacob Larsen

    Jacob Larsen Member

    A review from by David Payn....

    Jingle all the way !

    "Jacob has made an exellent brass band arrangement of Jingle Bells here with enough originality to mark it out from usual brass band festive arrangements, including some sumptuous close harmony writing. Highly recommendedand playable by (in my opinion) anything from a good 4th section band and upwards. Well done!"

    David Payn , 17th Sep 2006
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  6. flugeldude666

    flugeldude666 Member

    hehe told you it was mint
  7. bigcol

    bigcol Member

    Yeah it's really good, BUT, maybe it is the 1/4 Yorkshire man coming out in me, but $44 and you have to then print it out and staple it all together yourself. Call me a meanie :) but for £25 most music comes in a padded envelope with a nice score and everything.
  8. Jacob Larsen

    Jacob Larsen Member

    Well.. Then send me 25 £ and I´ll send you a nicely printet, stabled together version in a padded envelope..
  9. flugeldude666

    flugeldude666 Member

    well said sister
  10. Jacob Larsen

    Jacob Larsen Member

    Well I did lower the price a bit after reading this... Im getting soft and sensuel on my old days... :)
  11. bigcol

    bigcol Member

    It's a deal - nice doing biz. Now where's the treasurer and his cheque book when you need him :biggrin:
  12. Jacob Larsen

    Jacob Larsen Member

    Hehe... I know that all too well... :)
  13. stephenmrry

    stephenmrry Member

    excellent stuff really well put together piece of music and nobody as mentioned above nobody can complain about having nothing to do as each part has something to do.
  14. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    Just make sure you buy your licence from the council if you want to play it. :)

    <dons tin helmet and crouches behind sofa>
  15. maestroman123

    maestroman123 New Member

    Thats great, a really good arrangement:clap: :clap:
  16. SteveT

    SteveT Member

    Hi Jacob,

    How are you my friend. Good arrangement.... made me smile from ear to ear!

    See you soon maybe.

    Stephen (Your friend from Saddleworth).
  17. Jacob Larsen

    Jacob Larsen Member

    Hi Stphen... Glad you liked my little jingle march... Funny little piece.. Hope you are well in Saddleworth.. We´re planning a trip til the Europeans in Birmingham to listen to the contest. Maybe I´ll see you there :)

  18. Baritonedeaf

    Baritonedeaf Member

    An outstanding march - well recieved by audiences.I would recommend anyone looking for a march with a Christmas feel - that is not too cheesy - to invest in this great piece. The City of Birmingham Brass Band is enjoying playing the Christmas Cracker...
  19. Jacob Larsen

    Jacob Larsen Member

    Hi everyone... I would very much like to have a recording of the March Jingle Bells with a real brass band and not those silly midi sounds... Did any of the bands who purchased the piece at Sibelius Music have a concert recording ???? Just PM me or send an e-mail.... :) :)

    Thank you in advance....
  20. Jacob Larsen

    Jacob Larsen Member

    Thank you all.. Jingle Bells is still on Sibelius Music ready to be printet and played this christmas. Also new titles has been added..

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