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  1. I've been helping out St. John's Droylsden band with a bit of training in the run up to Whit Friday and the Marsden Hymn and March contest. Following on from their success, they are keen to enter more such contests possibly later this year but certainly next year.

    I am aware of contests held at Boarshurst, Diggle, Meltham, Mossley and Mobberley, but don't have any further info on them, contact name and numbers etc., and thought posting this on tmp would be the quickest option!

    If you can help me out with any info, it would be much appreciated.

  2. Come on boys and girls - 50 views and no information!
    Somebody must know something (or know a man that does) .
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    For your information, Boarshurst Contest, 'Lordsmere Cup', was held the week prior to Whit Friday. Mobberley the day before. However Diggle Contest is on the 3rd July 2004. All entries must be in by Tuesday 29th June. draw taking place on the30th. Contact Bernard Holden, 01457-876177 any evening for full details. Your Sec should have been given details last weekend at Marsden. Mossley Contest is normally in about 3 weeks. It is held at the football ground. Details are normally available late June.
    Hope this helps.
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    Meltham Contest has been and gone but I know of Diggle (3rd July) and Silkstone (10th July) contests coming up. Also Easingwold (26th June) and Brighouse (4th July) but these two are extremely popular and probably already fully subscribed.

    Your best bet might be to look through the IBEW Events Diary, as this has details of many contests including contact details. The address is:-

    Hope this helps.
  5. Thanks Dave and Joff,
    any other contact names and numbers would be great, there is always next year for the ones already gone!

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    If you need any information about Old Silkstone's March and Hymn Tune contest you can contact me on 01226 202141 or