March for the Alternative?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Euphanasia, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Euphanasia

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    Does anybody know which bands are playing in the March for the Alternative demonstration in London today? - We got sent the diagram of the line up by Unison, and it lists a couple of brass bands as being present, but doesn't state which ones.....(I'm working today, or I would be there having a look for myself)......

    Any ideas?

  2. Blossom

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    I heard Frickley/South Elmsall were the lead band
  3. grausue

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  4. towse1972

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    Sue! One of them is holding a(gulp)....French horn!!!!
  5. grausue

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    I know!! Why on earth have they given floor space to THAT? {{{shudder}}}

    This one is a little more calming....... I can distinctly see at least a couple of proper horns in that. And Euphs. Phew. Relax.......all is right in the world.
  6. fartycat

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    I was there, that's London Brass in the first picture and I think it is RMT Nottingley Colliery brass band in the second pic but sadly I missed them on the march (it was a bit big!)

    I was expecting to see NASUWT Riverside Band as they were at Tolpuddle last summer (and sounding great too) but didn't see them either. There were lots of smaller bands, samba groups, african drumming, a dixie jazz band, a lone trumpeter with a green trumpet and some odd funk group with trombone and trumpet, juggler and drummer.
  7. Red Elvis

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    Donna - it was worse , much worse than that !! Was waiting to form up with the Unison contingent and saw a group in mess jackets clutching trombones etc walking by. Was looking forward to some brass accompaniment when I noticed one of them was clutching a Clarinet !!!!

    Didn't see Frickley - I know they came and played at the NHS demo a couple of years ago cos Leyfy and I depped for them :)

    A good day though , but as I say after every demo I must get the branch to get some flag / banner holders - lugged ours the whole way and am feeling it this morning !!
  8. Euphanasia

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    Really wish I could have been there, but had to work in case of public unrest(!) and possibility of major incident.....Maybe we should get a scratch band up for the next one?? (I'm sure this won't be the last....)

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  10. alibaba

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    It was frickley south elmsall playing on behalf of the nottinghamshire branch unison. Defo no french horns/ non standard brass instruments in our line up apart from the odd vuvazuala!!

    The march was mental and a bit uncomfortable to play in as people were bumping into us all the way round. Took 3 hours to get to hyde park. Luckily we made it round about 30 mins before it started to kick off with the knobheads smashing shop windows etc.
  11. kierendinno

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    Not sure of who but I did see one band in maroon, which narrows it down immensely! I know UNISON East Midlands sponsor Shirebrook band, but don't know if they were involved. I was thinking of organising something for my branch (Nottingham University Hospitals) but it would have meant an extra coach plus a fee and I wasn't sure if there would have been room- it was really crowded at points and my feet were killing after walking with my lunch, let alone a baritone or a bass!! :/... Was a great day though, fantastic atmosphere, and nice to see that there were some bands taking part considering the roots of the movement... Fantastic day!
  12. louise0502

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    The RMT band was Easington Colliery. Took us about five hours to get round once we'd eventually started, not surprisingly I am very achy today!
  13. towse1972

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    Christ on a bike! :eek:
  14. TracyKeith

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    Yes, Frickley South Elmsall Band were there. We were also in the Daily Mirror (page 8) last Monday.
    (Sorry not been on here for a while)