March - Dovercourt Citadel

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Aussie Tuba, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Aussie Tuba

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    This is one for the Salvation Army Bandsmen. does any one know of a recent recording of the March - Dovercourt Citadel.
    I seem to remember seeing it on a EP recording on Regal Zonaphone.
    Would love to know if it is available on a CD or as a legal download.
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  3. Aussie Tuba

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    just to elaborate. an EP was an extended play 7" vinyl record with 2 tracks on either side 4 tracks in all. The one I remember seeing was at my Grandfathers house when I was quite small so I have no access to even that recording. That record would be long gone. But I beleive that recording would have been made in the late 50's or early 60's.
  4. eflatbass

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  5. eflatbass

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    Hi there, I might be able to help, I have both the ISB recordings from the 1953 78 and 1961 E.P which I have cleaned up and sound great for the age. :) hope this helps?? let me know


    Hi, just remembered seeing this lately, If you want to buy a cd with Dovercourt on it, there is a Heritage collection now on cd of old recordings sold on is the link but i think it is the same recording as I have.. if interested let me know.thanks
  8. Razor

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    Dovercourt Citadel is on the Canadian Staff Band's most recent CD 'In Quiet Confidence'.

    It was also recorded on one of the Egon Virtuosi band Classic March CD's from the early 90's.
  9. Gorgie boy

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    What he said!!

    One of my favourite marches of all time. Bit of a belter on the front row lips though.
  10. Razor

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    Has a great soprano line and bass trombone part, 2 essentials for a cracking march IMHO.

    Must admit though I do have a preference for the older recordings of it with the the unique sound of the G trom.
  11. P_S_Price

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    Its also on the Army of the Brave Cd from the ISB
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    Dovercourt citadel

    Yes Dovercourt is a cracking march, played it many times on the way back to the corps after open airs!!! hard on the lips indeed and the soprano has plenty of work to do!!.
    Another great march is New Zealand Warriors, the old ones are the best in my opinion!
    I wonder will either of these 2 be on the new Dyke CD, Salvation Army Marches Vol.3???
    Would be great if they included some of these gems!
  14. Razor

    Razor Member

    Not to be as Vol 3 is marches from the Festival Series.

    Can't agree more regards the old marches.

    Would like to see 'Unconquered' and 'Liberty' being recorded by a top band sometime, both classic Gullidge and overlooked in recent years. Dissapointed they never made inclusion on the recent Dyke World Class Marches discs.

    If you've never heard it get hold of the 1961 recording of 'Unconquered' by Tottenham. Sheer class.
  15. GJG

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    Probably not ... ;)


    Hi, pity the new vol.3 has not more of the old marches, but good that the volume will be of festival series marches!!..will be very interesting to see what will be on the program!!..
    Another great march hardly played these days and a hard one at that is the Seafarer by Bearcroft!! another cracking march like Roussau!.
    Yes I agree totall about Unconquered and Libery marches they are superb. I have the old Tottenham recording of it, in fact i have most if not all Tottenham Citadel 78's with some real gems and have cleaned them up and sound great!! notable principal cornets being James Wiliams and Deryck Diffey!
    How about the powers that be at Doyen or World of Brass produce a cd of marches by Goffin, Guillidge and Jakeway??
  17. Razor

    Razor Member

    Departed Heroes (Coles), The Canadian (Merritt), Praise (Heaton), Crusaders (Goffin), Steadily Onward (Leidzen), Celebration (Condon), March of the Hours (Soderstrom), The Southern Cross (Brian Bowen), The High Council (Steadman-Allen), Faith is the Victory (James Curnow), Chalk Farm No. 2 (Gregson), The Ambassadors (Graham), Milestone (William Himes), Choose Freedom (Kenneth Downie), Montclair Citadel (Bulla)

    Nice to see Departed Heroes, The Canadian, Crusaders, Steadily Onward and The Southern Cross on this one. Another Celebration and Praise but it is titled classics so rightly being included.
  18. Active Member

    The panel of four had great fun in choosing marches for Volume 3 of World Class Marches of The Salvation Army.

    The fact that the panel came up with 15 great festival marches by 15 different composers was, apparently, sheer fluke!


    is it possible to say who the panel was in selecting this great music!?? just interesting to know??also when will be available to buy??
    many thanks
  20. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    Not scheduled for release until 01/09/11 (per Amazon website); if you're quick, you can pre-order on the amazon site for £11.83 ... ;)
  21. Aussie Tuba

    Aussie Tuba Member

    Can be pre ordered through world of Brass.
  22. John Brooks

    John Brooks Well-Known Member

    Or apparently downloaded now from WoB Tunes for 9.99!!

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