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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Dave Euph, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Dave Euph

    Dave Euph Member

    Hi, for as long as I can remember, I've never been that great stylistically at playing marches. And I came to the rather unsuprising conclusion that this is because I don't practice them. So I'm looking at purchasing some music to remedy this.

    Trouble is, where from? I'm pretty good at hymn tune. Why? Because I have a hymn book (the Steadman-Allen) that I can use and I find this invaluable when practising.

    Is there any way of obtaining a book containing euphonium (or perhaps just the solo cornet) parts for various marches. Ideally your Knight Templar, ORB, President, etc.

    I understand copyright issues with this music being (relatively) new may stumble me here, but if anyone has any ideas that would be great.

    Bearing in mind I don't play with a band at the moment, so I can't even go down the slightly 'dodgy' route of making my own.

  2. MrsDoyle

    MrsDoyle Supporting Member

    Wright and Round publish 20 Famous Marches and 20 Handy Marches. Why not try them?
  3. Dave Euph

    Dave Euph Member

    Been having a search around for the contents of both, unfortunately without success (although my OH is insistent I've conducted from it before! Shows my observation ...).

    I think they'll be what I'm looking for, as long as I know what's in them. :)


    Over the last 35 years I have copied most marches from each band I ve played with and now have a large book of BB Bass parts !This comes in handy when you are playing with several bands at one venue and allows you to practice them all at home.
  5. Janet Watkins

    Janet Watkins Member

    Famous 20 Marches contains:

    The Australasian
    The Black Knight
    Viva Birkenshaw
    The Carnival King
    Castell Coch
    The Champions
    The Contestor
    Cornish Cavalier
    The Cossack
    Honest Toil
    The King's Cavalier
    One of the Best
    Red Gauntlet
    Roll Away Bet
    Sons of the WIld
    Westward Ho!

    Hope that helps
  6. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    The books are still available to buy for £7 each here (solo cornet part lnked).
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  7. brownrob

    brownrob Member

    What marches are there on the "20 handy marches" book?
  8. Keith Stanley James Lever

    Keith Stanley James Lever Supporting Member

    It may interest you to know that Nigel Hall (MMI Music) has just issued TWO NEW MARCH BOOKS :-
    Broughton Castle
    The Carnival King
    City Of Lights
    The Goat Major
    Lietmeritzer Schutzenmarsch
    On the Beat
    Onward And Upward
    Salute To Alexander
    The Talisman
    The Wndrush

    The Badger
    The Band Club
    The Broad Highway
    Children Of The Regiment
    Friends Of The Band
    Pickett's Pride
    The Ridgeway
    The Tempest
    Vectis Isle

    Keith Stanley James Lever.
  9. Janet Watkins

    Janet Watkins Member

    Twenty Handy Marches contains:

    1. Blades of Steel
    2. Faithful & True
    3. Fraternal Greetings
    4. Home Again
    5. Ivanhoe
    6. Joy of Youth
    7. Listen to the Band
    8. Loyal & True
    9. Never Despair
    10. New Recruit, The
    11. North Star, The
    12. One of the Best
    13. Royal Salute
    14. Salute the Brave
    15. San Marino
    16. Spirit of freedom
    17. Strong & Sturdy
    18. Sure & Steady
    19. True & Trusty
    20. True Comrades

    Courtesy of JustMusic

    Twenty Famous Marches also available from JustMusic
  10. Dave Euph

    Dave Euph Member

    Thank you everyone, particularly Janet, very useful info. I think I'll be getting the Famous Marches book.

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