Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Maestro, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Maestro

    Maestro Active Member

    Anyone see Maradonna today in the crowd?
    I know I may not be the fittest or slimmest of gentlemen at this moment in time :oops: :oops:, but after seeing him, maybe his name should be changed to Diego Mustavadonner!- :eek:
  2. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Thing is, when you see Charlton, Pele, Beckenbaur (SP) etc in the crowd at any of these matches - they always look respectful, are always dressed well, and are usually in a priveleged seat next to some dignitaries etc.

    Maradona... phah! Good player of course he was, but he's where he belongs. He's not an icon.
  3. Cornishwomble

    Cornishwomble Active Member

    Yeah but it was fun to watch him go mental after THAT goal!
  4. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    - he thinks his hair (WIG!) is though!!! :p

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