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  1. Hi people, I have a question for you. I have one of the band's cornets, a Besson 600, and ever since I got it 5 months ago the first valve has been sticky. I finally knuckled down to figuring it out today, and there was a dribble of silver plate which had run down the inside of the valve casing. I scratched it off (gently!) with a pointy implement, and now the valve works beautifully. I'm so proud <img> But it's still a bit rough to the touch. I wonder if I should finish it off with something, I dunno, to prevent it tarnishing or something. What do you reckon?
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    I'd probably take it to a repair shop and have them polish the inside of the casing, just to make sure that the rough patch is not going to score the valve body.

    The presence of valve oil on the inside of the valve should prevent air from getting to the spot, so tarnish wouldn't by a problem (tarnish is an oxidation process, so exclusion of air should prevent it).
  3. Thanks for the reply. The dribble was at the top of the casing, where the spring is. It had run down from the top of the casing, but it doesn't go as far as the main body of the valve. The metal piece at the top of the spring, or the spring, or the black plastic bit maybe, was catching on it, causing the stickiness. The main valve cylinder can't catch on it, because the top part of the casing it a bigger diameter. So maybe it's ok if I just keep it oiled?
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  4. On 2nd thoughts, I think the spring must have been catching on it, as it compressed within the top part of the case. On the way back up it would sometimes, but not always, begin slowly and sludgily, then pop up, causing me to miss notes. Does that make sense?

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