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    I recently read a variety threads on here about the manners of people who do not reply to PM messages and commitment of players, and thought I would raise the topic of manners in the band room, and turn the table onto our beloved conductors with regards to commitment.

    Manners, one of my bigest pet hates in band is when a player insists on continuing to play after the MD has cut off the band. I know this can happen accidently and it is quite obvious when those moments are butit is the player who blatently carries on playing on purpose. It is just a blatent lack of manners shown to the man in the middle and to the band.

    I also find it bad manners when a conductor is explaining something to one section of the band and another section insist on talking at the same time only to find that they have exactly the same passage of music to play either at the same place or later on in the music and due to them not taking in what the conductor had told the others then go on to play it incorrectly thus causing the MD to explain all over again.

    Commitment, players have recently been slated by conductors for their lack of commitment to their chosen bands by the conductor. I think some conductors should take a look at themselves with regards to commitment.

    e.g. Conductors who decide to go on holiday within the run up to a contest or spend more time rehearsing music for another event more than preparing for a contest like the areas.

    Conductors who throw their toys out of the pram because something is suggested that they don't agree with and consequently walk out the band just before a big concert and then come back as if nothing ever happened.

    I am lucky at my band that our conductor is 100% committed to the band and at times goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure things run smoothly but I think too much is made about the players by the condutors and alot of the time it is them that should think about whether they are as committed as they should be
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    Surely this is for the MD to command enough respect so that this doesn't happen?
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    And for the committee to decide what minimum expectations are?
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    I also get frustrated at some of the bandroom discipline. You tend to find that it is the same people who are guilty of this.

    I have raised this numerous times through the committee and there seemed to be a conflict of opinion as to who should own the responsibility for bandroom discipline. Some thought it should be dictated by the MD while others thought it should reside within the Bandmaster or Band Sargent Major position.

    I think it depends on the MD involved. If you have a permanent MD, then they will obviously have an idea of what they deem to be acceptable and act accordingly. If the band use multiple MD's throughout the year or have a guest conductor, then I think the committee should be determining the levels and also have a representative to enforce it.
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