Manchester Passion - Which Band?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by jingleram, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. jingleram

    jingleram Active Member

    I am currently sitting watching the (almost) live show on t.v. 'Manchester Passion', and have seen a Salvation Army Band playing...Was wondering if anyone had a clue as to which band it was taking part? It's a good show too! Refreshing in it's presentation!
  2. Redhorn

    Redhorn New Member

    It was the Central North Division (Manchester) Fellowship (Over 60s!) Band.

    Wonder how many of them had even heard 'Sit Down' by 'James' before, let alone play a brass band version of it!? Worked well though!

    Quality BBC programming.
  3. jingleram

    jingleram Active Member

    Ah right, good to see the 'zimmers' getting a look in hehe! Good program, if a little short. Powerful imagery (?) with the use of the crowd shouting 'crucify' and the 8-man cross!

    TIMBONE Active Member

    Excellent presentation. I still would have prefered the music from "Godspel" though - and before anyone says anything, I also watched a programme I relate to as well, "Grumpy Old Men". :)
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  5. jingleram

    jingleram Active Member

    Haha I watched that as well, very funnny programme! Funnily enough i sympathize with alot of what they were saying!
  6. I thought it was a great watch , very clever , well thought out and a fitting change to something on tv for Easter. I'm not normally into contemporary themes , but I thought this worked really well and effective. I watched it after getting back from a good friday meeting myself maybe expecting to be talking negative about it after. Full marks to the BBC. Tv's gone somewhere to redeeming themselves after that awful Jerry springer opera junk.

    I saw the Army band but my tv is smallish and by teh time i'd dashed over I couldn't read their epaulets.

    Come on MMU , let's have James-Sit down on the next SA journal :D
  7. David Sheedy

    David Sheedy Member

    I thought it was a fantastic piece of work. Would certianly have made sense to a lot more people than the standard easter repeated religious films !

    Lets hope they keep this sort of thing going !
  8. Liz Courts

    Liz Courts Active Member

    I only saw the last part of it as I had to work. It seemed pretty good though! It's a shame I missed the SA Band :( - but I did yell at the string ensemble on the TV just to say that they needed a bit of brass :redface::rolleyes:!!
  9. Redhorn

    Redhorn New Member

    Did anyone else think that the strings were too loud compared to the lady singer? Was a bit distracting!
    Was hoping the brass would join in again at the end.
  10. Brian Kelly

    Brian Kelly Active Member

    I saw the the programme, and I thought it was excellent. I got more out of it than from the service I went to on Good Friday morning.

    Slight correction - the band was the Central North Divisional Band. The Central North Division Fellowship Band is a separate organisation, although I know players who are in both bands. In the Salvation Army, a Division is the equivalent of a Diocese, and the Central North Division covers the Manchester area.

    BOC info - the flugal horn player was Gordon Kirsopp, who is the conductor of the Central North Divisional Band, and who for many years was the conductor of the Stockport Citadel Salvation Army Band. The other close up was on Russell McCartney, the long-standing bass trombone player for Sale Salvation Army Band (which used to be Manchester Citadel Band, and Manchester Openshaw Band before that).
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  11. I wonder if they'll attempt the Christmas Story .

    I think some of the strings were a bit loud . I think there were a few sound level issues , but do be doing that sort of thing live is a pressure job. It was weird to see the city so deserted in the opening scenes.
  12. Brian Kelly

    Brian Kelly Active Member

    Also it was out of doors, there seemed to be quite a strong wind blowing, and the orchestra in Albert Square was positioned a long way from the singers, all of which must have made it more difficult. I didn't particularly notice any sound level problems, although there was a lack of precision in some places, but hey it wasn't a band contest and it didn't detract from the overall experience.

    I doubt that they will do the Christmas Story. For one thing, having done it once and so well, to do a similar event would not have the same impact and would detract from the memory of last night.

    TIMBONE Active Member

    The only place where I thought the strings were too loud, was when they were playing underscene when Pilate was talking just before Jesus was brought onstage.
  14. alanl58

    alanl58 Member

    I hope that you will send your appreciations to the BBC.

    They respond to audience appreciation (and criticism), and if this was a good production, then please tell them.

    Then we will get a few more "good" programmes of this kind, and perhaps a few more brass bands?

    alanl58 (who once worked in BBC customer services!)
  15. jingleram

    jingleram Active Member

    Have just done so!
  16. ekimmort

    ekimmort Member

    This was a brilliant programme. I think a lot of people would have missed it because it was shown on BB3 at a prime time, not everyone can get BB3 and the follow up on the terestrial channel was a bit late on in the evening and not as highly publicised.
  17. toby hobson

    toby hobson Member

    I'm sure it was all very impresive but personaly i just didnt get its relevence to the licence fee.There's far to much religion on tv, it brings nothing but trouble in the long term, as the news coverage from the middle east will testify!!!
  18. Redhorn

    Redhorn New Member

    Forgive my ignorance- but what is the difference? Are they both essentially bands for 'more senior' (ie retired) players?..... Whats the point in having two of what are basically the same bands in the division?

    I've been thinking for many years now- should divisions have 'divisional bands' where basically the best players (of any age) from around the division meet up? (Kind of like a divisional youth band, but for those beyond the age)

    Are these fellowship/senior bands labelled wrongly?

    Just wondered!....??
  19. David Sheedy

    David Sheedy Member

    For those people who have cable television from Telewest it is available for viewing on their Replay service until next weekend. Could be worth getting the video recorder out !
  20. jingleram

    jingleram Active Member

    So should the Beeb be showing Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll?

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