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  1. any one go to the contest? what a great day!!!!!!! some realy good test pieces's today!!!! any one hear us play? did we deserve to win? anyone got any coments on the 4th section? i heard from people in the bar that the results were a joke is it true? i dont know coz i didnt hear any ov em!!! did anyone hear rochdale youth? there great i thourt!!! essence of time for a youth band wow!!! well done!
  2. shedophone

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    Yes, the fourth section result was a little odd. I'd possibly say it was a complete travesty actually!
    I heard all the bands and, in my opinion (and several others who i've since spoken to), Besses Boys gave a much better account of Seasons than Greenfield who took 1st place. Greenfield played last, just after BBB, and the performance was just not as enjoyable.
  3. rickcowens

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    The top 3 in each section:

    Wardle High School, Rochdale, Sunday, November 23

    1 Stalybridge Old J. Maines 190
    2 Moston & Beswick Manchester M. Obermuller 187 (Resurgam)
    3 United Norwest Co-op Milnrow A. White 185

    1 Haslingden & Helmshore D. Holland 186
    2 Skelmersdale Prize C. Dickinson 184 (oceans)
    3 Meltham & Meltham Mills S. Fawcett 182

    1 Hebden Bridge I. Craddock 187 (royal parks)
    2 Diggle N. Law 185
    3 Crofton Silver R. Morgan 184
    4 Boarshurst (Four Preludes)

    1 Greenfield D. Chapman 179 (Seasons)
    2 Dobcross Youth 2003 E. Griffiths 177
    3 Besses Boys M. Stringer 176

    1 Rochdale Borough Youth E. Landon 187

    can anyone add to the results and what test piece bands played? well dont to all bands there!
  4. faerie

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    Good one Rick :)
    I shall have a drink for ya tonight. :guiness
  5. rickcowens

    rickcowens Member

    thanxs! i had a few yesterday!! glad i booked today of work!!
  6. missflugel

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    Manchester contest

    Congratulations to all at Hebden Bridge Band. A terrific result for you all.

    Jo x
  7. drummergurl

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    skelmersdale played oceans by goff richards
  8. shedophone

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    4th section- Greenfield and BBB played Seasons
    Freizland played Pennine Moors

    3rd section- Blackley played Moorside Suite

    Championship- Moston played Resurgam
  9. horn1

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    Well done to Hebden Bridge!

    Boarshurst (3rd section) came 4th :( (not too bad a result really!!) and played Four Preludes
  10. MattB

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    We (Haslingden) played A London Overture in 2nd Section AND Championship Section! Won the 2nd and beat Tintwistle in the Championship! Not a bad day's work.

    Ah, the 4th Section result....... Those of us that listened to all bar one of the bands had St John's Mossley WAY out in front of the rest. They played an absolute blinder! Strange that they didn't even get placed. Besses were definitley better than Greenfield (although they played very well).

    One thing disappointed me with the 4th section on Sunday- lack of power and/ or dynamics. Hardly heard any all morning! From what I remember of playing in the 4th section it was always a case of "shut up, you're too loud!!"
  11. SteveT

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    Manchester & District Results

    Does anyone have the full results and the name of the adjudicator please?
  12. shedophone

    shedophone Member

    The adjudicators were: Barry Thompson for 4th and 3rd
    Alan lawton for 2nd and champ.
  13. stayleybridge played journey in2 freedom

    stayleybridge who won the top section played journey in2 freedome and in my view played it very well, but as i didnt hear any of the other bands in that section i dont know if they shud have won it altho it was a very good effort from them, congrats to my former college friend john maines, keep up the good work m8!
  14. Martin Hall

    Martin Hall Member

    Anybody know how many bands competed in section 3?
  15. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    nice picture martin!!!

    11 bands minus the one (predictable) withdrawal
  16. Martin Hall

    Martin Hall Member

    Thanks Garry, your as complimentary as ever!

    Crofton played well then! Nice to see.

    Good entry level.
  17. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    Crofton played well, really compact and together, and 3rd place with all the bands that were there was an excellent show!!

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