Mama By Il Divo *SOLO* for Eb

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    Mama (Eb Horn Solo)
    By Kotecha, Larossi & Romdhane

    ”Mama” was the first original song that was performed by the male operatic group, Il Divo. Put together by Simon Cowell, his search for 4 young singers took over 2 years before the group was finally put together. Performing lyrical songs in their operatic style worldwide and achieving number 1 hits here in the UK, Johnathan Bates has now arranged this moving number as a Eb Horn solo (would also work as a soprano solo). A heart-warming melody and a perfect addition to any bands repertoire.

    A pdf copy of the solo part can be emailed to you free on request.

    Direct Link -
    Full score & parts: £19.95


    Jocular Geordie
    Arr. Dai Bach

    Every part of the UK, from Cornwall to the outer tips of Scotland has its own local and traditional folk tunes. This playful medley of traditional tunes has come straight from the North East, including popular tunes such as “Cushie Butterfield”, “Geordy, Haud the Bairn” and “Keep your Feet Still, Geordie”. This toe-tapping piece is a must for all bands, whether performing in a concert hall or a village gala, your audiences can be singing and swaying.

    Full score & parts: £17.95

    Direct Link -

    Love Story
    By Taylor Swift

    Released in September 2008, this hit shot Taylor Swift to fame both in the pop and country music industry. The song still holds the record for being the most downloaded country song in history. A perfect piece for younger bands and hit for summer and gala concerts where this piece shows the younger members of your audiences that Brass Bands are incredibly versatile and even gives the chance to sing along!

    Full score & parts: £19.95
    Direct Link -

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    It's not playing through Scorch.

    My Scorch on IE and Firefox is working perfectly with other Scorch items.
  3. How strange! It works fine here at our end. However, we have re-uploaded the Scorch files so please try again & let us know how you get on (please be sure to refresh your browser F5).

    Are the other Scorch files on our site working ok?
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    It may well be cached on your machine, so plays for you... even clearing cache didn't help, but the other two files work OK!

    The .sco file is there though, & if I download "M7.sco" as a file, and play it via IE or Firefox, it works fine!

    Maybe you changed path before uploading it, and the published version wasn't in the right place on the server, I have had that problem myself with images not updating on the server when they have been changed?
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    Same for me, Gavin.

  6. Very confused now. As we have 3 desktop computers & 3 laptops in the office & all of them play fine ( & would only be cached on one of our machines). :-/
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  9. We shall have another look this morning & see if we can find the problem. Lots of head scratching going off at our end!
  10. Ok, hopefully the problem has now been fixed (if not, then there really is a glitch in the matrix!)

    Thanks for everyones help and patience :)
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    Yep. Working again.
  12. Excellent. Thanks for letting us know.
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    You're welcome. Now get back to Cry Me a River and Crazy Love, featuring the tenor horn! ( Oh an not too many sharps or flats. ;) )
  14. I believe 'Cry Me A River' has already been done.

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