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  1. Yorkie

    Yorkie Member

    Section A

    1st Kirbymoorside Band

    2nd York Railway Institute Band

    3rd Grange Moor Band

    4th Yorkshire Co-Cop Band
  2. catherine_S

    catherine_S Member

    Section C - Knaresborough were the only band contesting

    Section B

    1st Stape Silver 179
    2nd South Milford 178
    3rd Swinton & District Excelsior 177

    Best soloist Swinton
    Best March Stape
    Best Basses in March South Milford
    Best Basses overall Stape
    Most versatile percussion South Milford
    Best Euphonium Stape

    Section A
    ist Kirkbymoorside Town 189
    2nd York railway Institute 188
    3rd Grange Moor 187
    4th Yorkshire Co-op.

    Best Soloist Kirkbymoorside
    Best March Kirkbymoorside
    Best Basses in the March Yorkshire Co-op
    Most versatile Percussion Grange Moor
    Best Ryedale Band Kirkbymoorside.

    It was an excellent contest in the A and B sections - sadly there was no real contest in section C. Overall it would have been lovely to have seen more bands - and of course more audience too! Please try and make it next year when it will be at a new venue, Norton College just the other side of the river, and on a Saturday. Watch YHBBA website for details.
  3. Yorkie

    Yorkie Member

    Thanks for posting the full results Catherine. If you managed to get a photo of Sam collecting our trophy please could you email it to me for our website


  4. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    Maybe not the best result overall for us - but very please to retain the Best Basses prize for a second year!

    (Particularly as my old mate Richard Smailes plays bass at Kirbymoorside. ;) )
  5. catherine_S

    catherine_S Member

    On its way to you, Martyn! Well done on a good result!
  6. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    Surely that should be the only NON-contesting band in the section!!

    I hope the change in venue will be coupled with a more modern look at the rules of the contest, Open Adjudication? Allowing the odd trumpet/sousaphone? Maybe rejig the sections so the 2nd section bands aren't on a hiding to nothing. . . 4/3, 2/1 - Unreg/Champ.
  7. catherine_S

    catherine_S Member

    I'd hope so too, but wouldn't hold my breath. There is of course one way to move that forward - send a band rep to the monthly meetings!! They will certainly be welcomed and a breath of fresh air would be great!;)

    As far as re-jigging the sections is concerned, may I point out that YRI who played a blinder and came second in the top section are not only 2nd section but about to drop into 3rd. So they can hardly be said to be on a hiding to nothing.

    I haven't really read the rules recently but I don't think there is anything to prevent your having a trumpet or sousaphone soloist. I do recall that it used to be the case that the soloist could be ANYTHING - including voice, violin or saxophone, though I don't remember that being put to the test:). I do remember (?) Wakefield Met. doing a feature with four trumpets - they were severely penalised, not for using trumpets but for over-blowing and with good reason - it's the only time I have actually found a band sound physically painful!:eek:

    With regard to open adjudication - who knows? We've got it at Hardraw now so the doorway is open.

    But really, member bands of YHBBA, if you could bring yourselves to send reps to the meetings (dates on YHBBA website) we could start to get the association that you want running the sort of events that you need!
  8. trombone-john

    trombone-john Member

    I depped for Grange Moor.
    The opening piece should have featured 4 trumpets, but the contest organisers told them that we couldn't use trumpets in the contest.

    If it's in the score, why not?

    Come on YHBBA this is the 21st century!
  9. YRBBC

    YRBBC Member

    Anyone present at the end of the contest would have heard Peter Gilby, Chairman YHBBA, making request to the audience for band representatives to attend our meetings.

    Ploughboy and trombone-john make valid points but we need them bringing to the meeting and not moaning about it on here.

    The association desperately needs new blood, younger views, fresh ideas then we will move into the 21st century. The association needs YOU.

    We meet once a month at Wetherby just 5 mins. from motorway. If I can travel from Sheffield in 50 mins. I am sure others could make the journey. Don't moan about no time - make time - we do.

    Next meeting is at Walton Village Hall, 2.00 p.m. Saturday 14th November. I should be really pleased to see some new faces at the table. I look forward to welcoming you there.

    Peggy Tomlinson, President YHBBA.
  10. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    I'm sure it was Malton where we asked if a trumpet could be used and were told beforehand that as a trumpet was not a traditional Brass Band instrument it couldn't be used. We had to change our intended program on the strength of it.
  11. catherine_S

    catherine_S Member

    I've just had a look at the rules - the instrumentation is limited to the usual, unless permission is sought and gained in writing from the Contest Controller. This would seem to imply that such permission MAY be forthcoming, and as I say , I'm sure the rule of thumb was that a solo might be from outside the band but that non-brass band instruments could not actually play IN the band.

    So, Emley and Grange Moor, send your reps along and let's seek some clarification!
  12. Straightmute

    Straightmute Active Member

    Too right! But I do feel that a 'best second section band' (or best second section band not in prizes) award would not be out of place and possibly encourage a bigger entry. The prospect of playing against bands from a higher section is daunting, but two sections higher...

  13. tuba90

    tuba90 Member

    Well Done to all bands who entered this year, least we turn up and play, i agree the contest should have more bands in the competition and prizes for different sections could be an incentive.

    However cant complain about coming 2nd in section A, one better than last year, so now when we go to section B we should do even better. Well Done York RI Band.

    Matt Hoyle
    Eb Bass
  14. trombone-john

    trombone-john Member

    Permission was sought, and refused arbitrarily, on the grounds that 'trumpets are not traditional brass band instruments, and are therefore not allowed'.
  15. killer

    killer Member

    It was an excellent contest in the A and B sections - sadly there was no real contest in section C. Overall it would have been lovely to have seen more bands - and of course more audience too! Please try and make it next year when it will be at a new venue, Norton College just the other side of the river, and on a Saturday. Watch YHBBA website for details.[/quote]

    Having taken part in this contest for many years I have seen a decline in competing bands to such an extent that it is very close to making the contest a none event. This is a real shame because the organisation is always first class + the catering is as good as it gets.
    Perhaps it may have something to do with the facilities or even the location, perhaps the prize money on offer isn’t attractive enough but what certainly doesn’t help is the questionable results that seem to plague this contest year on year.
  16. andyfake

    andyfake Member

    You'll never please everyone, but I'm afraid once you've entered a contest you agree to abide by the adjudicator's opinion and decision. "Questioning" the result should really be down to the organisers - if they feel an adjudicator is not doing his job, they can choose not to appoint them again. Otherwise, you enter the contest arena at your own risk!
  17. TP Euph

    TP Euph Member

    Should that be send your deps along?
  18. Yorkie

    Yorkie Member

    Malton Contest

    Well said Andy. I play for a band that had a great result this year, a good result last year but in other years have come nowhere. Similarly at other contests you win some you lose some. Adjudication will never be an exact science and there is bound to be a degree of subjectivity involved particularly when assessing the merits, or otherwise, of entertainment and music making. In that respect I think that Malton is no different to other similar contests.

    Our band has taken taken great heart from the result and it has been motivational for our many younger players so we will continue to "enjoy the moment" and hopefully build towards next year's Area Contest where we have been less successful in recent years. Whatever we have to accept the Adjudicators decision for better or for worse.
  19. themusicalrentboy

    themusicalrentboy Active Member

    how utterly archaic and ridiculous.

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