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    Sunday night's Kippax Band Club concert sees a welcome return for a familiar face as Malcolm Simpson MBE takes charge of the band for the next couple of weekends. Malcolm had two spells as MD, in the 1970s and 1980s. Most recently, he has been very successful locally with the Crofton Silver Band, guiding them to the Yorkshire 4th Section title and an appearance at Harrogate in September. Tonight's concert starts at 8pm as usual and will be followed next Saturday by a return to Christ Church, Goole, where we join the singers for a summer concert to add to our regular Christmas date.
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    I should also add a big "thanks" to Sam Fisher, Dave Jackson, Mark Lowe, Alan Morrison and Mark Thackrah for all helping out on the playing front tonight. :clap:
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    Cheers Fakey! Cant even remember playing!

    Thought Malcolm was excellent tonight, he had the club cronies in the palm of his hand. I didnt think you and Nigel were ever going to get your duet played with him cracking one liners!
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    Yes, I've got to say you've never sounded better Dave!!

    I think we should sign Malcolm up for all future club jobs, we could cut the music by at least 50% and leave Malcolm to do the rest, I think we'd have to build a bigger club!! Great night, never heard the crowd laugh as much and a show stopping performance of Buster strikes back by the new Morrison on the block -- well done Natts.

    This is what Kippax Band Club is all about, good music yes, but mainly good entertainment!! Give the punters what they want and save the highbrow stuff for contests. My faith is restored.
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    That's because you were excused at the last minute - makes a change from having to excuse your emissions.

    However, I did forget to thank Rob Brown on here last night - great work on the bass line boys - well done! :clap:
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