Malcolm Arnold "Elegy"

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  1. alanbry

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    The South Bank Show has just finished a two part series on Malcolm Arnold.
    In the final part the National Youth BB, I think, played a piece called "Elegy".

    I believe this is from a larger work. Is there anyone out who knows the piece and the publisher
  2. jpbray

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    I heard it myself; sounds a good peice, in fact all the brass music sampled would be nice for any band library.


    Think it was the slow movement from "Fantasy for Brass". The synching of the sound and picture on the program wasn't very good.
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  4. Hot Lips

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    Malcolm Arnold

    Yes it was from Fantasy for Brass Band. I played it years ago and it is a much underrated piece which I like very much. The editing was appaling on the South Bank Show and it sounds much better than portrayed.
    I think it was published by studio music but i am not sure about that.
  5. James Yelland

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    The elegy certainly was from the Fantasy. But the piece of music captioned Suite for Brass Band I didn't recognise as being from the band repertoire - which is probably why it was being played by a symphony orchestra!

    You would think, wouldn't you, that a programme of such obvious interest to the brass player would be flagged up in the specialist brass media? But no, not a word in BBW, 4BarsRest or the Brass Herald - although I can't speak for the BB as I don't see it. Not the best advertisement for journalistic standards, really, but sadly predictable.
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  6. PeterBale

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    British Bandsman had quite a big feature from which I extracted the details to post on here. As the event was virtually a sellout they maybe felt they didn't need a great deal of other advance publicity, but I don't know whether either the LPO or Grimethorpe sent out a press release.

    As for the film itself, I must say I found it rather disappointing, and not as insightful as the BBC one from a few years back - I think it was to mark his 75th birthday. As has already been said, the synchronisation on all the music extracts was pretty ropy, and I don't think that focussing so much on Arnold's "downside" did him or his music many favours.
  7. jpbray

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    I quite agree; it makes you wonder how he had time to write any music. From the programme you felt he spent most of his days at bottom of a bottle. Nevertheless it did whet the appetite for sampling more of Arnolds music.
  8. PeterBale

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    Hear,hear! I'm just listening to the "Harmonica concerto" at the moment, having spent much of yesterday in Arnold's company as well - film music, a couple of the overtures and various concertos, including one of my favourites, that for piano (three hands).
  9. James Yelland

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    Yes, I was only referring to the TV programmes in fact - the Grimethorpe concert I knew about.

    I disagree. This was a programme about the man, not just his music, and knowing about the man gives one a greater insight into the music. I think it did do the man himself a favour - it evoked much sympathy for him, from me, at least. There but for the grace of......
  10. jpbray

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    I think this can provoke some interesting debate. I think sympathy would be wasted on the man, not in a particular nasty sense, but, because that is the way he his. His personality which is undoubtably shaped by his schizophrenia; would appear also bullish, and over bearing and I don't think he can relate to compassion either, but by the same token I feel he was not hateful. Nevertheless I think he can relate to overwhelming joy and saddness, that is why I think he has written some quite evocative music. The person who now looks after him shows him kindness, but with a firm hand and will not be bullied. :) :)

    The other question is why his is music not as higher profile as it should be. Is the fact that in some quarters he his be-littled for writting for brass band??