Maisie Wiggins MBE!

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Highams, Dec 31, 2010.

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    Announced on the "Queen’s New Year’s Honours List", this is the greatest award of her career to date.

    The Queen will present her with the MBE at Buckingham Palace on a yet to be announced date within the next 6 months.

    The best New Year news!

  2. Rapier

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    And she is?
  3. astreet83

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    I believe a trombone player
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    "Meanwhile, music lovers in Manchester will no doubt welcome the Queen's recognition of Maisie Ringham-Wiggins, who is to be made MBE. Ringham played principal trombone with the Hallé in the Barbirolli era, a time when female brass players were all but unheard of in professional orchestras. She later left the orchestra to join the Salvation Army, where she enjoyed an equally distinguished musical career."
  5. Toxophile

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    This raises a rather bigger question. Why is the only Brass player honoured someone who spent most of their time in an orchestra some years ago?

    Are we as brass bands in general not proposing anyone or is the "establishment" just ignoring the people put forward? I'm sure we all know people in our bands who have been there for years, working tirelessly for the band and in many cases holding the band together. Surely they deserve more recognition than the Managing Director of some company who gets an OBE for "services to business"? What about the peri teachers out there struggling to get kids to play low brass; are they not offering as much "service to education" as a school headteacher or "services to music" as some well known pop singer?

    We need to take the honours system by the scruff of the neck and start nominating the people we would like to see honoured. Perhaps then we can all cheer and not find ourselves asking "who?"
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    As I understand the system, to receive an honour, a person must be nominated.. so if you wish for more brass band people to receive honours, nominate them..

    here's how.. :)

    John Wallace also received further honours this year too...

    With regard to Maisie, I'm sure I've read articles about her and her career in both BBW and Brass Herald, came from a brass band background I seem to remember.
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  8. Rapier

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    Thank you Mr Quinlan. I was just too lazy to search and wondered why I was expected to have heard of her, by the original poster.
  9. eflatbass

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    From an earlier posting of mine when discussing trombone solos:

    “My favourite is a performance, rather than a choice of solo. I think it was around 1959 when Dudley Citadel SA Band shared a special concert with three other SA bands. The venue was Birmingham Town Hall, and the guest soloist was Maisie Wiggins (Ringham).

    Maisie played "The Priceless Gift", a simple yet alluring melody. The first note of that solo was, in the words of Dean Goffin, the most perfectly formed note he had ever heard. I had never previously experienced
    trombone playing of that calibre. It is a performance I shall never forget.”
  10. astreet83

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    Have you seen the form??

    Who ever fills it in should get a knighting!! :biggrin:
  11. Aussie Tuba

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    I can remember playing in Sparkhill Band when we accompanied Maisie in the Mid to late 70's. When Maise was a special Guest at Sparkhill. The Solo was "The Eternal Quest" and I beleive that was written for Maisie. I'm not sure of the composer, But I remember being there and it was terriffic.
  12. Brian Bowen

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    Maisie Ringham Wiggins has been an outstanding musician for many many years and fully deserves her New Year's honour. As a trombonist and teacher, she has remained remarkably active when many lesser mortals would have relaxed into retirement. She was Barbirolli's choice for principal trombonist of the Halle Orchestra, made SA recordings on 78rpms (e.g. Leidzen's Concertino for Band and Trombone with the ISB in 1955) and later LPs. My most outstanding memory of her playing was probably hearing for the first time Steadman-Allen's "Immortal Theme" at the Royal Albert Hall with the ISB in the early 1960s -- a tremendous impact.

    I understand she has been a music teacher at the famous Harrow School for a number of years and has continued to teach children in the junior band at Staines SA (not to mention playing 2nd trombone in the senior band on occasions).

    A great lady!
  13. Pondasher

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    Very well deserved excellent news. I believe that she taught David Daws and Mat Baker as well as many others.

    Keith Quinn
  14. Toxophile

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    It appears Elgar Howarth turned down a CBE at some point in the past though!
  15. all i know about her was she couldn't be appointed bandmaster in the army as she was a woman. she had to be a songster leader instead. how very sad!

    she would of been the first female bandmaster in the SA.
  16. cornet96

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    Well done to the lady of trombone
  17. PeterBale

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    I'm not sure about that statement: she certainly was established as a bandmaster by 1966, when Brindley Boon's book "Play the music, play" was published.

    Maisie was active in the SA throughout her time with the Halle, and Brindley refers to Sir John Barbarolli kissing her on both cheeks the first time he saw her in uniform, and also appearing himself in an SA cap he had found lying around after a festival!

    Others have referred to her teaching, which she is still involved in, having recently missed one of our SASWE events as she had been called in to Harrow unexpectedly as their usual member of staff was away depping on a tour.
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    Wonderful News
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    As a young newly appointed Singing company Leader(junior Choir) I attended a YP music leaders event and was taught the rudiments of Choir conducting by Maisie. Just wish it could have beed a longer session. one fantastic teacher.
    Well deserved acolade
  20. JCY

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    David Read got an MBE last year

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