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  1. carlwoodman

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    Those of you who are getting on in years (by that I mean over 40!) may have fond memories of a quarterly magazine called Sounding Brass.
    This magazine sought to cater for brass musicians across many genre (e.g. orchestral, Salvation Army, contesting, chamber, military, education etc.) but sadly expired about 20 years ago.
    Last month, a new magazine called The Brass Herald was launched along similar lines by the well-known and well-respected brass personality, Philip Biggs.
    I heartily recommend this publication which exudes quality in every way. Even the paper feels expensive!
    The front cover sums up the magazines intentions by featuring photographs of Roger Webster, David Daws and Rod Franks. All 3 are interviewed in the centre pages.

    Also included in the first issue are;
    Salvation Army (Stephen Cobb)
    Symphonic (Eric Crees)
    Championship (Richard Franklin)
    The Black Dyke Years (Peter Parkes)
    Big Band (Don Lusher)
    Military (David Marshall and Stuart Watts)
    On the Record (Trevor Caffull)
    Other contributors include David Read and Lynda Nicholson.

    You can obtain your copy direct from Philip Biggs at
    Philip Biggs Brass Festivals Ltd.
    2 The Coppice
    CB4 9PP

    Tel/fax; 01223 234090

    Well worth subscribing to!
  2. Keppler

    Keppler Moderator Staff Member

    Any indication of the price Carl?

    PS - I've seen the first issue of TBH, and have to say that Carl's summed it up quite well..
  3. carlwoodman

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    £5 per issue.
  4. PeterBale

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    As Carl says, £5 per issue and 4 issues a year. I certainly found it of interest, and look forward to future editions.
  5. Straightmute

    Straightmute Active Member

    There's certainly plenty to read it tBH, unlike certain other publications, and there is a quality feel about the package.

    Yes, it does remind me of the much lamented Sounding Brass but it will take a great deal to replace the humour (c/o John Fletcher and his Auntie Gertie) and weight of authority which lay behind that magazine.

    Best of luck to Philip - I'm a subscriber.


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