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    I know that I am not the only one wishing I could do something to help find that little girl. What can we do? A massed tmp band concert to raise funds? What do you all suggest?
  2. That sounds like a good idea. How would it be possible to locate it centrally enough to attract the maximum number of people?
  3. TheMusicMan

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    Though a totally deserved appeal fund, believe me it would take a huge effort to get this organised - we have done many of them. I am happy to consider an official tMP effort - but I'm afraid not a fund raising concert - it simply wouldn't work, and I would personally suggest an alternative means of raising money. A simple appeal fund, managed and co-ordinated here on tMP would have a greater probability of raising more money than a fund raising concert.

    If the objective of such an effort is to raise awareness and funds, then one has to consider the ratio of effort v's expense... a direct appeal fund is the way forward in these instances, and as such even a direct donation to the fund by tMP'ers would probably yield more money.

    Certainly not meaning to be negative, but if we were to try to schedule a fund raising concert, by the time the event came around, sad though it is, it'd be old news.
  4. Yep, i agree with you, that makes a lot of sense. Hope we can find another way then. In fact, let's hope she's found soon enough so a concert wouldn't have helped anyway. :)
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    Absoltely 100% agree.

    And who else has received these numerous text messages doing the rounds? 'A prayer for Maddy', 'As a parent yourself....' etc. - I'm sorry - but again not wanting to appear negative, but who are these texts helping? No-one but the network operators who are making money put of all these messages being sent.

    There are much better and more worthwile ways of spending money imo.
  6. There must be a donation fund from paypal or something kicking around on the internet which already exists. Maybe it would be best use of time and money for tmp to publicise a pre-existing collection method?
  7. TheMusicMan

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    How about this for a suggestion then...

    tMP's "Day for Maddie" appeal... pick a day in a week or so's time, and with lots of promotion on tMP, see how much money can be donated to the appeal in a 24 hr period. I am happy to contact several businesses to see if they would be willing to match any donations...

    Watcha think...?
  8. Sounds like a good idea. How would you collect the donations?
  9. DaveR

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    Whilst I'm not unsympathetic to the cause, what exactly is any money raised being used for?? I can't imagine it is being given to the Portugese police (unless they operate on a similar basis to private detectives) nor will it be given to newspapers to keep their reporters on location and writing copy about it.

    I'm more than happy to give a donation if it will help, but the cynic in me can't see how it will help one jot in finding her any quicker.
  10. TheMusicMan

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    PayPal into a predetermined 'product' on tMP. ie: I set up a 'Donation to Maddy Appeal Fund" as a product you can select when you donate to tMP on PayPal.

    If I managed to get any businesses to match funding, it provides an easy means of creating a report of the exact amount raised.
  11. Because the foreign police force aren't as good as our domestic police. The MacCann family are having to do more, like paying experts, psychologists etc etc. I agree with what you're saying though, i asked that question to one of my friends the other day who keeps very up-to-date with the news. But it sounds like the money is essential, especially as the Portugese police don't seem to be getting anywhere.
  12. TheMusicMan

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    Hey Sam - which post are you referring to here?
  13. Sorry, DaveR's
  14. im all for doing a concert! as a young player would like to feature in the concert to show that all generations are caring at this time! but im also concerd what will the money go towards?

    Many thanks,
  15. Rapier

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    Totally agree with you Dave.
    What people should also think about, is that the more the poor girl is shown in the Media etc., the more she becomes a liability for the kidnapper(s) and the less likely it is that she will be found alive.
  16. James Jones: Please read this thread and you'll see we've discussed a concert and agreed it wouldn't be suitable...

    Money or no money, it won't stop it being in the press.
  17. Rapier

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    I disagree. If it wasn't being kept in the public eye so much other news would have replaced it. Other child kidnaps have occurred in the UK and haven't received the same amount of publicity. The more pressure exerted on any kidnapper, increases the chances of the victim being killed. That's why the details of the majority of kidnappings in the UK are NOT released to the press until the victim has been freed.

    Police investigations are best carried out without being under the glare of the Press/TV etc.
  18. I agree. And the Portugese police hardly talk to the media at all, it's the MacCann family themselves which seem to want to publicise it more. But whatever, the fact money is going to experts to help in finding the kidnapper and the child, does not affect the publicity!
  19. Rapier

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    Scotland Yard Detectives are helping. They are the best in the business and get paid anyway, so no need for fund raising really. Anyway, no further posts from me on this thread, as it's miles off topic. :)
  20. Sorry, but yes Scotland Yard are helping but its EXTRA help still that the money is paying for. There is a limit to what Scotland Yard can do overseas!