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  1. ian perks

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    I hope someone on the Mouthpiece can please help me.
    Im after the Solo MACUSHLA by Dermot Macmurrough arr by H.W.GLENN/ORD HUME either one it does not matter,with the full set of parts to it.
    Does anyone out there have it in there band Libary at all and would be willing to do our band a set of parts please.
    Contact me through a private message or leave details here please and i will get back to you.
    Many thanks for your help with the above.
    Ian Perks
    Gresley Old Hall Band
  2. WoodenFlugel

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    By "do" a set of parts I presume you mean "lend them to you". Or perhaps someone can provide Ian with the publisher's details so he can go out and buy a set of parts.

    Lets not forget...photocopying music is illegal eh?

    If anyone is in any doubt please have a look at the tMP Copyright Factsheet.
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  3. MRSH

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    You can buy it from JUST BRASS. It's only £9.90. Go on. Buy it. You know you want to :tup:D