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    Hi there , I'm considering getting a new laptop soon and would like somebody to maybe give me an 'idiots guide' to the main differences between Mac and microsoft pc things. I am wanting to use music tech programmes like Reason/Cubase and I know that logic is meant to be really good. I am also wanting to upload some podcasts and apparently the mac is easiest to do this on?

    Does anyone have any experience with this? Apologies if this discussion has already taken place in some random thread from 2003...
  2. TheMusicMan

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    Oooh, now this may open a huge can of worms.

    In summary though, one has to say that if your main reason for using a computer is that of creating music, using a DAW and any number of soft synths - then a Mac is by far your better option.

    I do lot's of music creation and synthy stuff, have done for several years now but on a PC. Am buying a Mac in a few weeks though :)

    PS: How do you find Reason? What version of Cubase do you have?
  3. glitzy

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    I love Reason the sounds are fab and I think it is quite user friendly (i could play with the wires for ages!) Currently on cubase SX3 ..I do prefer reason though..I'm gonna attempt using it as an add on to cubase (i think this can be done) this week...exciting!
  4. TheMusicMan

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    It certainly can be done - easily too!

    I love Reason... can do marvellous things with it.

    Have any hardware synths?
  5. glitzy

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    Wow...that's impressive....and wow! ...Nice to know cheesy prog rock still exists...and is very possibly the future (bring back Rick Wakeman..) . I have a Edirol PCRM 80 which i managed to get for a bargain price...I'm not too hot with all it's little buttons but i'm getting there slowly!! I'm kinda learning stuff on my own which is fun!

    What do you have?
  6. Bass Trumpet

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    Macs are very good, but would you really want to limit yourself to something that's overpriced, overhyped and has only about 10% of the available software compared to laptop PCs? Yes, PCs are flawed, but, if you take a brass band angle, so is the Sovereign Eb Tuba and everybody uses it because they go with what they know and with what everybody else uses. It's compatible with eveything else.

    I've never met met a Mac user who wasn't hopelessly smug about it, but the truth of the matter is this; if you want to spend twice as much on a Mac, then go ahead. You'll be on Steve Jobs' Christmas card list, but you won't be able to use a great deal of software without using an Emulation programme. Macs are not immune to viruses since they started using Intel chips, either, so your reasoning for buying one is diminishing. You can't upgrade a Mac, so you better have deep pockets to get what you want in one go.

    Yes, Windows is flawed, especially Vista (stick with XP until a service pack arrives), but it is the most widely used operating system there is, worldwide. Make sure you have a good virus and spyware programme, make sure you keep it in check (optimiser programme) and make sure you perform a disk defrag regularly, and you shouldn't have a problem. Most importantly, you will be able to pick up a fairly decent machine at a fraction the price of a Mac. Unless you want to make a fashion statement...

    Ask yourself one question. Why are the lastest Macs configured so they can run Vista? Mmm....
  7. TheMusicMan

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    See, I told you this would open a can of worms. Enough of the daft MS v's MAC-OS debate - that's not needed here. I'd guess that Duncan has never owned a Mac nor has he created music, run a DAW or soft synths on a Mac either. PC's are good, Mac's are good - simple as.

    The simple fact is - that if you want to do what you plan on doing as your primary use of a PC - get yourself a Mac.

    Good PC/Laptop start from = £700 - £999
    Good Mac £750 - £999

    Sort of shoots the overpriced debate into oblivion eh.

    PS: Oh, and constructive comments always welcome; whereas unnecessary, pointless and over-commented-on Windows PC V's MAC bashing very much not welcomed.
  8. glitzy

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    1,As I mentioned in my opening post, my main reason for changing over to a mac would be the ease of use for music technology and podcasting. What kind of software would you be talking about that I would need? I only have sibelius reason and cubase..Itunes , limewire, and Firefox. Can I not use them on a mac (prob not firefox i Imagine)

    2, I asked for an 'idiots guide'....your third paragraph was as easy to understand as a doctors handwriting.... :)

    3, don't like macs then?
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  9. glitzy

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    Erm...cos it's pretty?
  10. TheMusicMan

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    I have a Korg KARMA, a Korg RADIAS VA Synth, a Casio AP-33 Piano, and one of the best synths out there at the moment... an Access VIRUS TI (I am an official Beta Tester for them). I also have a Korg Electribe, a KAOSS Pad II and a BOSS DR-880 Drum Machine. The TI is simply awesome and is capable of immense sounds - quite breathtaking really.


    On the soft synth front I have Reason, KLC, and the excellent Absynth and I use Cubase Studio 4 as my DAW.

    Just purchased a MOTU 8*8 MidiExpress device which really seems to have simplified things for the way I use my gear/rig.
  11. glitzy

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    Ha....I feel a bit David and Golianth-y now...guess which one I am!

    That looks's the flowers that do it for me to be honest...!

    I have just got hold of a hyper - thing I canne remember what it is called...but should give better intrument quality among other little delights!

    How did you get into this techi stuff...Off topic but ...hey it's only me and you at the moment!
  12. KMJ Recordings

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    I'm saying nothing.

  13. TheMusicMan

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    I have loved synths ever since I was a kid, and around 6 or 7 years ago I decided to bite the bullet and get one with some money my Mum left me when she died. I did that and haven't looked back. been a gear head ever since :)

    About what...? MAC v's MS or my rig ;)

    Please do :) you need an excuse to get away from the women eh :):)
  14. KMJ Recordings

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    Macs vs PCs ;)

    Your rig's at such a point that if you can't get something out, you can only blame operator error :D
  15. johnmartin

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    All I'll add to the debate is that it is generally accepted amongst professionals in the field that the Macintosh platform more easily lends itself to professional audio and video applications. I'm speaking as an owner of both Mac and Windows laptops and I must admit that I prefer my Mac for most things but for playing games and certainly for the home media centre my PC rig is best.

    Get a Mac and you won't regret it. The only bad thing I could say about the new Macbook is that they tend to get dirty easily.

    John, for really pro stuff, did you see the leaked announcement on Apples UK store concerning an eight core Mac pro. It uses two Intel quad core CPU's. They've quickly taken the announcement down now but theRegister was carrying a story about it earlier in the week.
  16. TheMusicMan

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    Hi John - no I missed that, but usually view theregister regularly... darned it. However... I want one :):)
  17. Bass Trumpet

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    Done it all, actually, so I speak from some experience of both platforms. The initial thread is about the pros and cons of Macbooks vs. Wintel, so I think my opinions are equally as valid as anybody else's. True, you are half-right on the price issue, but it depends on what you are after. Aldi are now selling a fairly decent Vista laptop for about £500 (good graphics, big HDD and 1G of ram) and I don't think Apple can compete with that unless you count the (generally quite rubbish) Mac Mini. And yes I've owned one of those, too!;)
  18. TheMusicMan

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    OK, then I apologise and take those comments back Duncan.

    However, there's still no need for this to turn into a Mac vs MS bashing thread. Each platform has it's own good points as well as things they're not so good for.

    It is generally accepted that the Mac is the better choice for audio applications.
  19. KMJ Recordings

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    Stop baiting me ;)
  20. TheMusicMan

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    Take the bait then...:) or are you a woosie :)