Macarthur Park; arr. Alan Catherall

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  1. mr_nismo

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    Does anybody know where we can get hold of Alan Catherall's arrangement of 'Macarthur Park'?

  2. Gavin Somerset

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    If I’m not mistaken, the only band I’ve ever performed this with is Grimethorpe. I think the arrangement was done exclusively for them years ago. It is not published, which is very sad, as it’s a cracking arrangement!!!
  3. garsop_2000

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    it does'nt come with a Sop player either,......... [​IMG]

    Wasn't there another arr. of it, Barry Forgie I think ?

    Also I heard a recording of Derek Watkins playing this with Cory band at a National gala concert a few yrs back with arr. Rockey.
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    There's a number of different arrangements of it. check out:
  6. mr_nismo

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    I have seen the diff arrangements, but nothing is quite as good.

    Was hoping somebody may have had it, or knew if it was published publically yet as I know more than Grimey have played it.
  7. Gavin Somerset

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    Some other bands do have it. But I believe it was aquired by 'unconventional' methods!
  8. jonesbp

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    Maybe best to contact the arranger direct to ask the question. If it's not published, he may be able to send it or email it to you at a cost.
  9. tubafran

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    The Adrian Drover arrangement is pretty good - more in line with the Maynard Fergusson arrangement (less screaming trumpet)
  10. cockaigne

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    But the screaming trumpet is what makes it! Love the Catherall arrangement...
  11. Bass Man

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    I think you're right, I don't think it's available publically. I think Grimethorpe have the only (authorised) copy
  12. tuba70

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  13. mr_nismo

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    Does anybody have Alan's contact details?

    Quck tour of google didn't give me anything, nor did the search function on here.
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    Probably easiest to try contacting him via Reg Vardy Band.
  15. BoozyBTrom

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    This question has arisen in the past and being a good friend of Alan's I have asked him. His answer goes something like this.

    "I was commissioned by Grimethorpe to arrange this and when I completed it I handed over the originals to the band. It was done before the days of Sibelius and I didn't make a copy. I know other bands have it but they didnt get the official version. Grimethorpe have the rights to it and they decided not to publish"

    So there you go folks. The Catherall arrangement is for Grimey only if other bands have it they didn't get it from him. So he cant help you.
  16. Did Tubafran really just talk about an arrangement being "more in line with the Maynard Fergusson arrangement (less screaming Trumpet)?........have you ever heard him play? or did you mean to say "more in line with Dracula's life style (less blood sucking) or "more in line with Lord Lucan (less hide and seek)?
  17. One version that is totally rubbish is the one that misses out the five/four bars. Blimey! even school bands can manage the odd bar of five surely?
  18. Laserbeam bass

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    I think it would be great if there was an arrangement of this where the Sop player/Principal Cornet gets to play ala Lynn Nicholson from the MF Big Band of the early 70's

    Trumpet solo at 2.07

    Bit high though as it goes to a Double D concert pitch :clap:
  19. garsop_2000

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    I was actually enjoying that Clip,... Maynard was certainly entertaining, I like the way his gives his "que's" to his band, i wish I had a conductor like that :) but on the other hand I'd be out of my confort zone with that slap to the A**E he gave his trumpet player !
  20. garsop_2000

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    So who did they get it from I wonder ??,.... perhaps "a gift horse" ;)