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  1. Yesterday i made a journey from dover back to manchester after spending the weekend in france.
    While drving in france i found it nice and relaxing, the motorways had two lanes and all cars etc stayed in the right lane until they needed to overtake.

    When returning home i got really frustrated, 50mph on the motorway.

    Why do people clog the middle and fast lane up but leave the outside lane empty, i do not understand it at all.

    So to prove a point to other drivers i just sat in the 1st lane and undertook everyone for at least 25mile.

    Once i got on the M1 and started to get near the midlands it was ok.

    So is it just londoner drivers that dont know their highway code??
  2. dyl

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  3. Rapier

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    Apparently not. ;)
  4. MoominDave

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    I did the same in the US on a recent trip, where this problem is much more common.

    The difference is - it's legal to undertake there.
  5. If you managed to do 50mph on the M25 thats pretty good in my experience!
  6. Bungle

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    East Sussex
    It's probably because if you move over, no one will let you back out.
  7. Agreed - 50mph on the M25 (or around Birmingham) is pretty good going.

    If you do move in to the inside lane there is indeed the problem that people don't want to let you in again - especially if you've just gone past them in the slow lane first !! Having said that most motorists don't seem to wait to be let in - if you drive at a 'safe' distance behind the car in front you can be pretty sure someone will move in to the gap.

    Personally I find the problem of lorry drivers who are going at 51 mph deciding to overtake other lorries going at 50mph just as they start a big hill is more of an annoyance.
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