M.D. required for up and coming N.W. Band

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by BIG Paul, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. BIG Paul

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    Denton Brass are looking to appoint a Musical Director to take a young talented band for the future. The band has a full contest and concert program planned for the forthcoming year.

    either pm me or email dentonbrass@hotmail.com
  2. super_sop

    super_sop Supporting Member

    Hi Paul. good luck finding a new MD.

    for anybody looking to take a band you wont find a friendlier group of people.:clap:

    Again best of luck.:tup

  3. BIG Paul

    BIG Paul Member

  4. Kernow

    Kernow Member

    Any up and coming (or established) conductors out there this band is well worth a look at.
    Yes they are 4th section so can't afford huge wage bills, but I had the pleasure of rebuilding and working with the band from 1998 - 2004 (before moving away), and when they put on their web site "The Friendly Band" they mean it.
    The committee work relentlessly for the good of the band, and both band and committee keep a real family atmosphere to the organization.
    Best of luck to both the band and committee, I hope that everything works out for you.

    Kevin Ackford
  5. lilcornetgirl

    lilcornetgirl Member

    I mst agree with everyone this band is great sooo friendly and ive just left but i miss them and there just sooo friendly... Willing to work hard and they have improved sooo much.
  6. BIG Paul

    BIG Paul Member

    Closing date for all applications has been seet as 21st Nov. Candidates will be contacted after that date.
  7. i played with denton for number of years really good band to be with and players of all ages. they also do very good concert. always remember the ashton canal festival when they put the band in the beer tent!!

    if you apply and get the vacancie you shall be working with some very good players and good hard working players
  8. BIG Paul

    BIG Paul Member

    Thank's to all the applicants closing date for applications has now been reached.All applicants will be contacted shortly, it is going to be a very difficult process to create a shortlist from all the applicants as there are so many good applicants.

    We are now also looking to recruit a soprano cornet player.
  9. BIG Paul

    BIG Paul Member

    The position has now been filled. I would like to thank all people who applied, there were some excellent applicants, it was very difficult even to create a shortlist, never mind select from those who auditioned, all were very impressive and the decision was a very difficult one.

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