M.D David Stowell resigns from Virtuosi GUS

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    The Virtuosi GUS Band are sad to announce the resignation of Musical Director David Stowell. For the last four years he has directed the band at all major contests, concerts and recordings, including to the midland area championship title and a top six place in the National Finals at the Albert Hall. In a statement to the band he stated that due his current workload and forthcoming commissions he was unable to continue as Musical Director bearing in mind that each rehearsal involves a round trip of nine hours (including rehearsal time) he had no option but to resign his position.
    David said "It was a sad decision for me to have to take as my time working with Virtuosi GUS has been great, but with three huge scores to write by July and the logistics of living in Norfolk and the band in Northampton I had little choice. I'm hoping that I can continue to work as a conductor on a freelance basis in the future. I would like to thank the management and players of the band for the total team spirit and support they have shown over the last four years, they are a band that continually show all that is great about brass banding. The band is on an all time high now with excellent players right round the band and a superb, dedicated sponsor. I think everyone is going to see great things from Virtuosi GUS this year and no-one wishes it for them more or will be cheering louder than me"
    `As Band Manager (Shawn Pagington) I would like to thank David on behalf of all of the band for his past commitment and dedication to the Virtuosi GUS Band and wish him all the best in his future projects.
    I am delighted to confirm that the Virtuosi GUS Band will be conducted at the forth coming Grand Shield Contest by Wing Commander Rob Wiffen OBE,`
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    I thought I'd put my penneth in here. I have played with many bands and orchestras in my career and can honestly say that Dave Stowell is one of the best conductors I have worked with. He has an intimate understanding of the music and can communicate his thoughts and feelings about it in such a way that everybody in the band instantly responds. He is the consummate professional and in always totally prepared for even the smallest outdoor concert. He is one of the few brass band conductors who can achieve results from his band without the need for shouting, screaming or hurling abuse, but simply by showing respect for his players and gaining respect in return. It's all done with a wry smile and a joke for any occasion.

    I can fully understand his reasons for finishing with GUS and hope to see him conducting in the future. I can state truthfully that many in the band are sorry to see him leave and he will be sorely missed.