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  1. Eziachco

    Eziachco New Member

    Hi everybody,

    we're going to play Mephistophélès with my band next year. I just put a quick look at the set and there is 4 tenor horn parts (solo, 1st, 2nd and 3rd). As we have only 3 players, which parts are we supposed to keep ?
  2. steve butler

    steve butler Active Member

    Go on be a 'devil' play em all
  3. WorldofBrass.com

    WorldofBrass.com Active Member

    Are you sure? It's more likely to be 1 x Flugel Horn and 3 x Tenor Horn.
  4. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    I would have thought "Mephi" was published long before separate Flugel parts were printed; Flugel just doubles Rep. part. Have to say, a few years ago I created a full score from parts in Finale for rehearsal purposes, and I don't remember a 4th horn part ...
  5. Eziachco

    Eziachco New Member

    Yeah, I'm sure. I have : Solo Tenor Eb, 1st Tenor Eb, 2nd Tenor Eb and 3rd Tenor Eb.
    And yes there is no flugel parts, basically I was thinking of making the flugel doubling the repiano. But as I have 4 horn parts maybe I will ask the flugel to play the Solo Tenor parts.
  6. Mr. Stomvi

    Mr. Stomvi Member

    Speaking of marches - do you guys have any idea where I can purchase parts and score for "The Wizard" by George Allen and for "ORB" by Charles Anderson ? Can't seem to find a source anywhere.

    Thanks in advance
  7. brownrob

    brownrob Member

    I dont think the Wizard is for sale, I think it was written for a band (possibly Fodens) and parts just found their way around!

    I could be wrong though
  8. Aidan

    Aidan Active Member

    Wiz/orb has been answered in another thread.

    Back to mephi.. Is it actually the brass band march, or (more probably) another piece of the same name. I've seen a few of that name.
  9. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    Leyland, I believe....

    In some old march arrangements - particularly those also done for military band - four horn parts are supplied, usually 1st and 2nd on one part, with 3rd and 4th on the other.

    In my experience, the fourth horn usually doubles the baritones - covering the 1st on the um-chucks and the 2nd if the 1st bari becomes a lead voice with the cornet and euph.

    Obviously without seeing the parts for your copy I can't say how that one's written - but that's often what I've found.
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  10. Eziachco

    Eziachco New Member

    Yes it's the brassband march, written by Shipley Douglas and published by R. Smith & Co.

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