Lympstone Band Pedal for £pounds

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  1. TheMusicMan

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    Chocolate incident..? than sounds ominous!

    If you can let us have any pics you take would be great. I can get them posted if you'd prefer.
  2. Tigaraaah

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    Hi, we are hoping to make it friday night...havent got the details of when and where you're playing though so let me know....
  3. Liz Courts

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    Argh, I'm sooo jelous!! You wouldn't believe how much I'd like to be at that concert...! Have lots of fun for me, take lots of photos, and bring back a programme!! :rolleyes:
  4. Straightmute

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    Harrogate Theatre, Oxford Street 7.30 pm with Alan Morrison guest soloist. I've given BryonySnell my mobile number - if you let me know that you're there I'll tell the audience what you're doing!


  5. BryonySnell

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    Alli - I was gonna let you know... honest!
    Will pass on your number to Alli and Charlie later David. Cheers!

    And Liz, i bet you're gutted! I would have loved to go to concert too actually, what a shame. But I'm sure we will have loads of fun at the FUN DAY too with the Firemen and bouncy castle!!!!!

    the chocolate incident... lets just say it didn't look too sexy when she got off the bike!
    Alli - have i said too much?!!

    I think i've used all my space to up load pics... so they might be coming over to you John.

  6. PercusAnne

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    Good luck Alli! I hope everything is going well so far.

    Anne (Liz's mum)
  7. tam-tam2

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    Here is an update for you on Alli's progress [​IMG] so far.

    They left Harrogate International Centre right on time at 7am, unfortunately the great British summer weather played its part and there was a lovely thunderstorm to see her underway.

    It took her an hour and a half to get to Skipton.

    She disappeared in Blackburn........her support team lost her for a brief time!!

    Wigan at 11:19.

    Warrington and 85 miles at 12 noon.

    13:05 100 miles gone and now south of Northwich, they can't seem to be able to get her to slow down!!

    15:45 Telford and slap bang into the middle of a cycle race......we think she was trying to win that too.

    15:56 Alli is now half way home to Lympstone and setting a cracking pace!!

    More updates to follow.....
  8. TheMusicMan

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    Great coverage Tim, excellent to hear Alli is doing so well. Keep us posted yeah...:)
  9. Liz Courts

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    Woohoo, go Alli!!

    But maybe you should slow down a bit or else you'll be back before the Fun Day has even started!! :biggrin:
  10. BryonySnell

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  11. tam-tam2

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    Not actually my information, John, I had a little bit of help there!! ;)Anyway, another update for you all before I go to bed.

    Worcester at 19:26, 213 miles done already!!

    Gloucester at 20:55 and 245 miles already........the pace is relentless, I'm sure she'll have to slow down during the night.

    Right then, there's still the Fun Day to come tomorrow (come along, you may even get to meet me!) and you still have time to sponsor Alli before she completes her epic journey!!

    Another update will follow in the morning before some of us have to go to Lympstone to set up the Fun Day. Starts a 12 if anyone needs reminding.......!!!!!!:biggrin::tup
  12. BryonySnell

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  13. Di

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    That one's not working. :(

    She's doing absolutely fantastic! I hope you've got a chocolate fountain waiting for her at the fun day! ;)
  14. SliPZ

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    at this rate she'l get there before everyone else does..impressive:clap:
  15. BryonySnell

    BryonySnell Member

    Now it is! Thanks Di
  16. BryonySnell

    BryonySnell Member

    Yeah probably before you!...... actually probably before me too, I've not left home yet....
  17. Liz Loftus

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    I see she's changed to the yellow jersey! quite appropriate! For those not into cycling.... the Tour de France finishes today. Lets hope Alli doesn't take a wrong turn to Paris, although the speed she's going she's get there inside the time as well :biggrin:
  18. meandmycornet

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    Alli arrived in Lympstone earlier (we were there!)she didn't look like she'd just rode 300 miles! It was a really good, well organised day and there were loooads of people there! Although I was unable to go on the bouncy castle :( and whats this about firemen? where were they Briony? did I miss them? :tongue: I won a dog, a lolly (thanks Liz!) and 10p on Tim's game :D! Ooooh and Lympstone Training Band were very impressive aswell!

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  19. tam-tam2

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    Well Alli burst through the finishing line at Candy's Field, Lympstone at about 2pm this afternoon. The Fun Day was well supported and the whole event seems to have been a great success. Pictures of Alli arriving at Lympstone will shortly be posted on the Lympstone Band website

    Fi, you may have won 10p on my game but as you paid 20p to play you stil lost......!!!!:biggrin: Oh, Bryony says sorry for getting your hopes about the firemen.....

    I am sure the band would still accept any sponsorship too....!!!!;)
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  20. Di

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    Congratulations Ali! A wonderful achievement, of which you must be very proud. :clap: