Lympstone Band Pedal for £pounds

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    The Lympstone Band Pedal for £pounds

    The Lympstone South West Telecoms Band were delighted to qualify for the National Finals at Harrogate and will very proudly be representing the West of England in the Second Section on the 23rd September, 2006. The band's conductor, Charlie Fleming, stated that "....the work the band put in during the build up to the West of England Regional was superb. To have qualified for the National Finals and receive promotion to the First Section was a fabulous achievement for the band. I am so pleased that the band as a whole are making such dramatic efforts both in and out of the bandroom to make our appearance at the National Finals a success." It will, however, cost the band in the region of £8000 to be able to compete at the National Finals.

    In a bid to raise money for the forthcoming event, Alli Northcott, the band's soprano cornet player will be cycling non-stop from the Harrogate International Centre (home of the National Finals) to Lympstone Band Room. This continous bike ride, which will take place over July 22nd/23rd, is well over 300 miles and Alli will be cycling all day and night, battling tired legs and the worst British summer weather can throw at her. After leaving Harrogate International Centre, Alli will be crossing over to Blackburn and passing through Warrington, Telford, Kidderminster, Gloucester, Bristol and Exeter before her triumphant return to Lympstone. This is what Alli had to say about her mammoth journey ".....cycling is something I can do! I was gently persuaded by my fellow bandsmen and women to undertake something of 'challenge' in order to raise funds for our appearance at the National Finals. So does the thought of 30 plus hours of cycling. covering half the length of the country daunt me? Of course it does, I've never spent that much time on a bike before It's going to be tough, really tough, but then again, so is qualifying and playing at the National Finals! I know that at the end of it, my team mates will be there on Sunday, playing me in with a nice Devon cream tea waiting for me! Oh, and if you see me over the weekend, give us a shout, or even better...some chocolate!" Commenting on Alli's venture Charlie Fleming said " I am confident that Alli will succeed no matter what she comes up against and her attitude is reflected throughout the whole band. That's why I am looking forward to conducting the Lympstone South West Telecoms Band at the National Finals in Harrogate so much."

    Alli's return to Lympstone will coincide with a Fun Day organised by the band to be held at Candy's Field , Lympstone commencing at 12 noon on Sunday 23rd July. Events during the day will include:-
    Variety of stalls
    Live music
    Refreshments/Cream teas
    Fancy dress 5-a-side football
    Penalty shoot out
    Maybe a fire engine......and lots more besides.......

    The highlight of the Fun Day will be Alli's triumphant return to Lympstone but the big question is what time will it happen and how long will it take her to complete the distance? Any guesses?

    If you would like to sponsor Alli on her long journey please visit If you would like more information on the event please e-mail

    I'm sure you would all want to join me and wish Lympstone South West Telecoms Band and especially Alli all the best with this ambitious venture.

    The Lympstone Band would also like to thank their sponsor, South West Telecoms and Tony Rowe for the use of a van during the event and printing undertaken to support the band in their quest. The band would also like to thank the Parish Council for allowing them to use the field for their Fun Day.
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    Go Ali :woo :woo :woo

    Hope to be there to cheer you home :tup

    Charlie is bringing his sponsor form to South Molton tonight!! He even suggesterd fielding a 5 a side :eek: - have you seen the state of the players in South Molton ?!?! :rolleyes:
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    Better known as "The Lympstone band....." Get it right Tim!! :)
  4. Liz Courts

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    Yay! I'm really looking forward to the weekend now! Everyone should come and support our fun day - I'll be the one running the lollipop game!! :biggrin:

    Sponsorship's going well on my behalf - I have sponsors who don't know what a brass band is, don't live anywhere near Lympstone, and haven't a clue who Alli is, but they're still impressed by what she's going to do and have parted with their hard earned (ha!) cash!

    Let's hope the weather stays good!

    :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
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    Wasn't me!!

    In my defence I have just read my final copy that I pasted onto here and the spelling was correct, that was while it was in big red letters. Then it was changed to smaller oners and so too, quite magically, was the spelling!! I've put it right again now.:tup :)
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    Doh - that was me! The big red letters were way too big for the part of the story that appeared on the tMP Portal! Was in too much of a haste to spell-check, sorry! Ah well, no-one died.

    Good story though.
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    Never mind, no harm done Dyl:biggrin: . Yeah, the red did stand out a little didn't it!
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    Good effort Ali!

    That is an unbelievable challenge. I couldn't manage to cycle continuously for 30mins let alone 30 hours!!

    I hope the fund raising goes well.


    Ex. Lympstone SWT Band!!
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    Cheers guys!!'s really great to have such support from everyone out there, from those that know me well, to those ive never met... Big Thanks.
    It is going to be quite a challenge, and pretty tough...although i do quite a bit of cycling , ive never been on my bike for such a long distance continuously....should be interesting!....any top tips?????...
    Ive just sorted out a route, so if anyones interested i can give you all an idea of where ill be and when!

    Oh, and dont forget the fun day...i will be there, hopefully on time.. cos i'm so looking forward to having a go at Roy's "splat at rat" game and a good home-baked Devon cream tea!..:)

  10. BryonySnell

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    Yay! :biggrin:

    Alli I hope you can do it!!!!!

    I have every confidence in you that you will make it back for the Fun Day.... let's hope you will be still standing to have a go at 'Splat the Rat'... I suppose we could find you a chair to eat your cream tea!

    Don't forget to be looking your best for the photos.... bring your straighteners!

    Thanks Simon for your donation! :D

    Thanks Tim for the great write up :clap:

    I will be letting everyone know where Alli has got too during the cycle. I believe the start time will be 7am Saturday 22nd. So keep looking at this thread or our website

    Hope to see as many of you at the Fun Day as possible... but if you can't make it you can still sponsor Alli on our website.
  11. tam-tam2

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    All the best with this Alli, I should be there when you get back to Lympstone!! Did attempt to put your sop folder into some resemblance of order the other week...think some of the pieces may still be a little damp though!!Thanks for letting me borrow your instrument......even if I didn't play it that well!! Need a little more notice next time me thinks!!:tup
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    Good luck for the weekend Alli! I hope the weather is good for the fun day!

    It's not looking too bad at the moment, I hope it stays that way!

    I doubt I'll be able to make it, but hope everything goes well for you. I expect the band is one of the furthest away from Harrogate! And to think that the bands based up north still have to do their fundraising to get there!

    Good luck again!

    Sam x
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    don't store chocolate on the radiator
  14. stephen_clapton

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    Or beer.....

    Good luck to everybody. Hope you have a great day :clap:
  15. Straightmute

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    Best of luck to Alli and the team. (And I hope that you can make it to our concert in Harrogate on the Friday evening!)

  16. BryonySnell

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    Or somewhere else.... right Alli!!!! :redface:
  17. Tigaraaah

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  18. TheMusicMan

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    We demand pics OK.... :)
  19. BryonySnell

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    I hope you're not asking for pics of the chocolate incident John! :D

    I will be getting updates throughout the challenge and don't worry you'll be kept updated!
  20. Veri

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    Yes - good luck Alli!

    (from a former Lympstone bander!)