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    Edit: latest vacancies towards the end of the thread

    :) Hello everybody, Our band Lydmet Lydney needs a couple of cornet players to take us to the area next year, Tristan Endeavours is a piece of music that requires someone who can play quite well, my wife who is bumper up says we need at least 3 good cornets, if you choose to come along you would not be pushing anyone out because we are 3 cornets short!!.
    We need to come 6th in the Championship section, to stay up that is!.
    It is quite feasable that we will, so if you would like to join our band even if you play another instrument you would be made welcome.
    Just check out our website at or e-mail me at
    It is a brilliant piece of music (unlike last year) and a real challenge.
    We also have a few big concerts in the pipeline, so if you feel you could do a job for us, even if you are sitting their thinking " I could never play at that standard" you could surprise yourself, GO FOR IT, you may never get the chance again.
    I am a BBb Bass Player, so what would I know!. Everything of course.
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    Re: Lydmet Lydney needs a principle! with a bumper up.

    Funnily enough, so is Tristan Encounters :wink: :!: :lol:

    Hope you're successful in your recruitment and manage to beat the drop :!:
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    Its a lot arder

    :shock: Cheers pete but Tristan Endeavours is a lot harder than Tristan Encounters!!!!.
    Thats my story anyway!
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    Players required in the "Forest"

    Lydmet Lydney Band, First Section, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire
    require the following players:-

    :p Percussion
    :biggrin: Front row cornet
    :cool: Euphonium/Baritone
    :) Bb Bass

    We rehearse on a Friday night to fill the time before going for a beer or two - Everyone welcome!

    Come and have a blow...
    ... you know you want to!

    We also have a growing training band if you are interested in learning.

    You can PM me for details or see our website :clap:
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    Players Required, Gloucestershire, West, 1st Section

    At Lydney Band we need a couple of players to complete the band for the West of England Regional Finals on Saturday 18th March in Torquay. The band are staying in Torquay on the Saturday night if you fancy that too!

    We have just appointed a new conductor, Tim Cooper, who brings with him a wealth of experience as he is Director of Music with Lucknow Band of The Prince of Wales’s Division.

    We are primarily interested in Euphonium or Baritone, EEb or BBb Bass and Percussion, but would be delighted to hear from you regardless of instrument.

    If you are interested, please give Neil a ring on 07773 919661.
  6. Sop_Or_Bass?

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    Only a couple to go!

    Excellent response and thanks to Patrick, Greg & Phil. :clap:

    We have filled EEb Bass and Percussion.

    Euph/Bari & BBb Bass to go, could also do with a front row cornet. Come on then sign up before it's too late...
  7. Sop_Or_Bass?

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    Another space filled...

    Final cornet space has been filled - many thanks Matt.

    Just need 1st Bari & 2nd BBb Bass - any offers?


  8. Sop_Or_Bass?

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    Only 1st Bari to go

    Thanks go to Sean M for coming in on BBb Bass. Only 1st Baritone needed.

    Please call/pm me if you are interested.


  9. TheMusicMan

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    Glad to see that using tMP has been helpful for Lydney band in finding players for you... :tup As we have helped, how about including a reference to tMP on your site then...??

    Good luck at the area.
  10. Sop_Or_Bass?

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    Baritone 1 is now filled. Thanks Mark.

    We now have a full band for the Area :clap:
  11. Sop_Or_Bass?

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    Lydmet Lydney, South West, 1st Section, Musical Director

    Lydney Band require an enthusiastic and entertaining Musical Director to continue their success.

    The band is a dedicated and hard-working team, with major concerts and contests planned for the next 12 months.

    Rehearsals are held on Friday nights at 7:30pm

    Please apply to Neil Crowe, Band Manager on 01242 528203 or 07773 919661.
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    Lydmet Lydney, South West, 1st Section, Bass Trombone

    Due to work and family commitments, our bass trombone has unfortunately decided to stop playing after the Area. We therefore have a requirement for a Bass Trombone at Lydney.

    We are first section and looking to contest at Bugle in Cornwall (June), major concerts May & October, play for Gloucester Rugby (incl. watching premiership/european rugby for free), poss. Butlins in Jan, a weekend away in the summer and generally have a good sociable time.

    Rehearsals are held on Friday nights at 7:30pm

    Any players are always welcome, so, if you want to join this enthusiastic and dedicated team, please give me a call on 07773 919661.
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  13. Sop_Or_Bass?

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    Initial auditions arranged. Applications close on 30th March.
  14. Sop_Or_Bass?

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    Come to Bugle with us...

    Lydney Band (1st Section, West of England, Gloucestershire) are really keen to go to the Bugle Contest, Cornwall (16-18th June) but we are missing a couple of key positions:

    - Front row cornet
    - Baritone
    - Bass trombone
    - EEb/BBb Bass

    If you are interested in joining us for this brilliant contest in Cornwall, please give me a ring on 07773 919661
  15. DublinBass

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    Good core to this band and they are very friendly.

    Bet of luck filling the spots Neil!!
  16. tam-tam2

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    Couldn't commit 100% right now but if you still need a front row player closer to the time...let me know, I should be free that weekend. What's the testpiece? My band did it two years ago and I had to miss it due to a wedding...would love to have a crack.
  17. GingerMaestro

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    Alright Neil

    You Know the offer is there if you can't get anyone to actually sign then I will dep for you:tup

    But fair play mate you are working like a trojan for the band getting players and everything else.....Nice one:clap:
  18. Sop_Or_Bass?

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    Thanks Tim & Martin - will let you know re: the cornet line.

    The piece is 'Music for the Common Man' by Kenneth Downie (was 1st section areas 2000). We're a band that knows how to have a good time and are really looking forward to the Bugle weekend, both musically and socially.

    As you've mentioned Martin we're really after players to join at the moment and complete the band going forward (only a few gaps, which is as good as many bands), but will definitely be in contact if we need guests.

    Where are all the Baris (or Euph), Bass Trombones & EEb Bass players out there too?

    Please give me a call/post a reply if you are interested.

    Always welcome to come down to a rehearsal on a Friday night to see what you think.

    Many Thanks

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  19. Podgypickle

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    Don't think I can help as am in a higher section but am hoping to go for the weekend (work depending). Went last year and stopped with my friends band, Hayle, great weekend. You'll love it!!
  20. Sop_Or_Bass?

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    Lydney Band, Gloucestershire

    Lydney Band, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire
    Currently have full-time vacancies in the positions of:

    Front-row cornet
    Bass Trombone
    EEb & BBb Bass

    Rehearsals each Friday at 7:30pm
    Lydney Band Room, Swan Road, Lydney GL15 5RU

    If you are interested in joining a fun and enthusiastic 2nd section band,
    please contact Neil on 07984 077222 or by PM