Lung warning for wind musicians

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    Cleanliness is, as always, next to Godliness! ;-)
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    I tend to clean out trombones regularly with a brass saver type pull through, somehow an internally clean instrument seems to be better to play. It's not so easy to totally internally clean the bigger valved instruments but I guess that cleaning/brushing from the mouthpiece receiver to and around the valves helps, and I used to put tepid water in the bell of valved instruments and swill it through the instrument (rotate the instrument, bell to base, until water comes out of the mouthpiece receiver) to pull out 'muck'.

    As for build up of germs there is a school of thought that says that bugs die on brass surfaces (for an example see: Fit brass fixtures to cut superbugs, say scientists )
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    Indeed. Bagpipes are quite different due to the bag, especially if it is a natural bag. Also, some of the air comes back into your lungs when you are blowing up the bag initially. Not sure I have ever come across a brass player with any diseases like this.
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    Hi We at B Sharp Brass have been working on a cleaning Kit for brass to help to combat the brass equivalent of Bagpipe Lung, Trombone Players Lung or Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis to give it its correct title. Our Kit is the only dedicated cleaning kit for brass instruments and is designed to breakdown and remove the biofilm which is the home for bacteria. We promote regular cleaning and are backed by personal endorsements from Dr Brett Baker International Trombone Soloist and Programme Leader for Music at Salford University, Mark Wilkinson International Soloist and Principal Cornet at Fodens Band and Fodens Band themselves. for more information go to
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    I have always cleaned the leadpipe, and or slide every week....all you need is the flexi brush and warm water!

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