Luc Vertommen new conductor of Delta Brass Zeeland

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  1. Jan H

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    As of January 2006, Luc Vertommen will be the new Conductor and Musical Director of Delta Brass Zeeland, a first section band in the South-Western Dutch province of Zeeland. The committee and band members are very delighted that they could attract this Belgian top conductor and are very much looking forward to the cooperation.

    Luc Vertommen was born in Leest (near Mechelen, Belgium). From an early age, he got acquainted with brass music in his village fanfare band. He studied cornet, music theory and piano at the communal music academies of Mechelen and Willebroek. Later, he studied at the Lemmens Institute Conservatory in Leuven, where he got a triple degree in trumpet, music history and "hafabra" conducting (wind, fanfare and brass band). After that, he studied chamber music at the Royal Music Conservatory of Brussels and he got his master's degree conducting in Leuven as well. As a cornet player, he played for Belgium's top bands Brass Band Midden-Brabant and Brass Band Willebroek.

    At this moment, Luc is full-time employed in the brass music world. He teaches and conducts in the communal music academy of Zaventem and is director "hafabra" in the "Servais academy" Halle. He currently conducts Koninklijke Fanfare "De Berthoutzonen" Halaar and Brass Band Buizingen, currently the second ranked brass band in Belgium. He already wrote two books about brass music and recently, his arrangements for fanfare and brass band (published by Traxon Music/Band Press) have proven to be very popular in the Low Countries and further abroad.
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    His recent adaptations for fanfare band of Peter Graham works are excellent. You would almost think that they were originally written for that type of band (... the CD is 'Portrait Of Peter Graham' performed by Fanfarekorps Koninklijke Landmacht Bereden Wapens).
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    yep, I think he has some kind of official arrangement with Gramercy Music for making and publishing the official arrangements of Peter Graham's music. Also my band played several of them (including Gaelforce, Hine E Hine, ...). I haven't heard the FKKLBW CD yet though... Here you can find the tracklist of that CD. Looks very interesting indeed!

    In the same series, World Wind Music also published a CD "Portrait of Luc Vertommen", with some of his arrangements for brass and wind band.
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    The playing is first class but I would have preferred a heavier programme, with maybe 'On Alderley Edge' or even 'The Essence Of Time' featured. 'The Red Machine' is particularly well done!

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