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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by brassfanatic, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. brassfanatic

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    What is the special stuff used for lubricating slides on an instrument (e.g. my euphonium)?

    I generally used vaseline until someone remarked a while ago how useless it really is and recommended the stuff they use. I have since forgotten what stuff they recommended.

  2. pbirch

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    vaseline has its problems, it accumulates on the slides and actually y is not a very good lubricant, especially on slides that are moved by triggers. I use the Ecolube tuning slide gel from Alliance
  3. euph77

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    I use a generic cork / slide grease - I like the own-brand one from Dawkes Music.
  4. GJG

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  5. brassbandmaestro

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    A freind of mine says Oilatum. Or anything that comes to hand as a lubricant. Even brylcream!
  6. simonium

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    I would suggest using Selmer Tuning Slide & Cork for standard slides that need to be withdrawn and a slide cream like Trombotine or Superslick for triggered slides. Vaseline is horrible stuff.
  7. bobbyp

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    Yamaha slide and cork stuff lasts for ages, only need to use it every time i clean
  8. Rapier

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    For triggered slides etc. I use valve oil.
  9. TrumpetTom

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  10. Bayerd

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    KY jelly is another good option for triggered slides.
  11. pbirch

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    I'm not sure about that - KY is water soluble and really not much use on metal-on-metal slides
  12. stevetrom

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    but can be very useful in 'other' sticky situations.......
  13. JDH

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    My instrument repairer recommended LANOLIN. You can buy on eBay if you do a search - it is sold for hair styling but apparently is ideal as slide grease
  14. GJG

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    Schilke do their own brand of slide grease, which contains lanolin. However I always found it a little too thick. It was fine for main tuning slides and small slides (such as 2nd valve), but no good for 1st/3rd valve slides which need to move easily with triggers or push/pull rings. Hence my reference (on the other thread) to axle grease, which is ideal ...