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Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by nickjones, Aug 23, 2005.

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    Just picked up a cd of the planets and moorside suite played by the London Symphony Orchestra and the London College Brass with James Stobart at the helm.( REGIS RECORDS RRC1200)
    The production quality is very good , the music however leaves me a bit cold.
    Moorside suite is played by the college brass and is a very good interpretation , played with flair the band dont resort to adding parts or silly pedalling which I have heard bands putting in when playing a moorside suite.
    The planets is strange , I would have thought Internationally renowned orchestra and conductor , this will be a bit special , but the work just comes accross as flat and unexciting really slow tempos ( in Jupiter ) and it sounds uninspired...
    It is worth getting hold of the cd to compare with other orchestral interpretations , I have an amazing recording by the Philadelphia Orchestra with Eugene Ormandy made in the 1960's which is fantastic.
  2. James Yelland

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    The Planets was the subject of Radio 3's Building a Library a couple of weeks ago (to coincide with the Proms performance). I've always disliked my copy of the Berlin/Karajan rendition - the horns are out of tune at the very beginning of Mars, for a start, so I was pleased to hear that the reviewer ditched that recording early on. Many other famous orchestras and conductors fell by the wayside too, although the 78rpm recordings of the composer conducting his own work came very high up the list, as did the famous Adrian Boult recordings. (Holst took his own tempos quite quickly - possibly because of the limited time available on one side of a 78rpm gramophone record!). I don't recall what the reviewer had to say about the Philadelphia/Ormandy combination.

    For the record, his top choice was the Atlanta SO/Yoel Levi on the Telarc label from 1998.

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