LPs not reissued as CD - any you would like to see done?

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  1. brassneck

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    Remembering something that 4BR never really followed up a few years back, I thought I might resurrect here on tMP. There has been several recordings made over the years back in the era of vinyl LPs that have never made the transition to CD. Any favourite LP you would like to see in CD format? My outright choice is the Grimethorpe Special LP under the direction of Elgar Howarth in 1977. Fireworks (E. Howarth), Garden Rain (T. Takemitsu arr. Howarth), Grimethorpe Aria (H. Birtwhistle) and Ragtimes and Habaneras (H. W. Henze) make up the album augmented by Besses in the fugue for Fireworks.
  2. Anno Draconis

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    Yep, I'd buy it. Top choice.

    I'd love to be able to replace my old, knackered copy of "Year of the Dragon", recorded by Cory in the year they won their third successive National. It was also their centenary year and they had commissioned YOTD, still one of my favourite brass band works, closely followed by Dances and Arias which is also on it. An outstanding recording by an outstanding band and conductor who are often overlooked in lists of "great" bands/conductors.

    I'd also like "Volcano", Dyke's album of late 70s European successes to be re-issued, 'cos my old LP is scratched:mad:
  3. KMJ Recordings

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    You could also look at a compilation CD with some of the great 'classic' recordings on them.....that'd be cool.
  4. brassneck

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    Volcano has been re-released on CD - Chandos (CHAN 4522)

    - The Cory album is interesting because the original tempos for 'The Year Of The Dragon' are adhered to ... nowadays it sounds like a practice tempo for the last movement. The album was called 'Dances and Arias' released in 1985.
  5. Rapier

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    There was a turntable advertised in the paper today, that uses a USB plug to connect to the PC, so you can copy old records onto the hard drive.
  6. Jacob Larsen

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    The one Layland did in the 80´s with Philip Sparke music.. Can´t remember the title but it´s the one with the L.s. Lowry picture at the cover.. And maybe some old LP from the 1960s and 70s with Black Dyke..
  7. Maestro

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    My choice would be the album 'Grimethorpe Entertains'. One of the best 'light' albums I have heard.
  8. brassneck

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    Another two that I would like to see on CD are by GUS (Footwear) Band conducted by Stanley Boddington ... the World Champions and the Vinter Quartets LPs. Both essential historical recordings in my opinion!
  9. ian perks

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    Yes i only have a tape with the test pieces on they are
    Carnival Romain
    Variations on a Ninth
    James Cook Circumnavigator:clap:
    Just brilliant playing of some real true test pieces by waht was the best front row ever put on a contest stgae
    James Scott, David Read, Lloyd Langrey& John Berryman
    Cant rememember what order they sat as it was before my time but gee whizz what a section also on solo euph was Bert Sullivan does anyone know who else was in that great band of that time?
    As i say well before my time as i was born in 1964 and this recording was made in about 1969 but my Dad & Grandad did say they were a brilliant band at the time:
    Sadly my Dad died 8 weeks ago and my grandad 7 years ago
  10. One LP I would like to see was by a band called "Dare", Rochdale-based heavy metallers. I bought their first album, went to a signing, etc, only for the aforementioned band to drop off the face of the earth. I wouldn't mind, but I never heard the album, because it was so precious (!) as it was signed (I wouldn't mind hearing how bad it actually sounded now).

    Andy, reliving his youth through system of a down....ROCK ON!!!!!!
  11. PeterBale

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    There's a couple of SA lps I'd like to see on cd:

    The Canadian Staff Band's "Sound of the Gospel", and "Tour of Europe", both under the direction of Bob Redhead. "Tour of Europe" includes Derrick Diffey playing "Life Abundant" & also "Euphony" (Curtis Metcalf?). It would also be good to have a compilation made up of two of their earlier recordings under Norman Bearcroft, "Gospel train" & "Golden Slippers".

    Another one would be the Chicago Staff Band's "Mainstream message", particularly for Brian Bowen's "Day of the Spiritual".
  12. matthetimp

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    Bound in Brass by Tredegar Town Band. It has a great sleeve of the band all dressed up in the Carfartha Band's uniform from out of the museum. Oh by the way it has some great music on it too!
  13. Brian Kelly

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    "Mainstream Message" was released as a CD, sometime in the late 1980s (I think). I know, because I have got it!

    It is still available from the Salvation Army in Chicago

  14. ian perks

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    The Black Dyke recording of
    Judges Of The Secret Court ;with Major Wilcocks conducting
  15. Roger Thorne

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    Did this LP have a picture of a Bass Drum on the cover? If so it was a fantastic recording and one I used to own. Unfortunately I lent it to someone many years ago and it's never been returned. I would definitely like to hear it again, especially on CD.

  16. ian perks

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    Yes thats the one Roger:clap:
    If you want a ****** of it let me know i will do you one:tup
    edit - tMP does not approve acts of illegal file-sharing!
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  17. brassneck

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    - this was included in the CD collection "The Paxton Years, Vol.1". Still an interesting performance to listen to ;)
  18. Sharpy

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    Not Brass Band but "This is Ron Goodwin". Used to listen to the tape of it in the car whenever we went anywhere when I was a kid! Had all the favourites on it, 633 Sqn, Where Eagles Dare to name but a few!!
  19. James Yelland

    James Yelland Active Member

    I have never seen a CD version of Foden's Brass with Class (Appalachian Mountain Folk Song Suite, Love's Sweet Song, Freedom etc) - surprising as it is not an especially old album. Or have I simply overlooked it?

    Also Desford's budget label tape, title which I've forgotten, but with a number of Howard Snell pieces on it, including Two Cats, Dresden Chimes, Poeme, Perpetuum Mobile, Polovtsian Dances, West Side Story Suite and The President.

    What a genius Mr Snell is!
  20. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    - it's available on CD! http://www.trevadamusic.co.uk/albumsearch.php?Code=RQPRL037D&x=7&y=5