"Lower Section Finals"

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  1. Beesa

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    I thought the following was a very good point well made, on the 4barsrest.com comments page:
    I just say 'Harrogate' but that isn't particularly descriptive or accurate either. Is it just 4br or is the phrase 'lower section finals' more widely used?
  2. alangiff3

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    "National Finals Sections 1-4" would be fine...
  3. Blossom

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    The National Brass Band Championships at Harrogate is referred to as the 'Lower Section Finals' on the National's website !

    I agree, every winner at Harrogate is a National Champion in their own right.

    Perhaps the term 'Lower Section Finals' is simply a way of differentiating between the Harrogate and the RAH Finals
  4. Backrowmike

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    It is the National Brass Band Championship, and every winning band is a champion.

    Its a pity that the Championship is not all held on the same weekend at the same venue!

    There is no need to call it the "Lower Section Finals" as this implies that the important event is at the Royal Albert Hall and that Harrogate is a side show.
  5. Laserbeam bass

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    It could quite easily become the Kapitol Promotions non championship section finals.

    Whatever the name the competitors and prize winners know that they have played at the National final for their section, and if they win they are crowned X section national champions.

    Can't see what all the fuss is about :confused:
  6. towse1972

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    Me either to be honest. What difference does it make?
  7. Bayerd

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    And there was me thinking that the important event was in London and the rest a side show. How wrong can you be?......:-?
  8. Euph1175

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    I read this on 4br, I dont think it makes too much of a difference. National Finals Sections 1-4 would be fine though.