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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Highams, Nov 29, 2002.

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    In addition to duets on baritone & euphonium with my partner, Sue Vel, my baritone & euphonium quartet, and a quartet with baritone, euphonium & 2 tubas, we had a rehearsal last night as a trio with baritone, euphonium & E flat bass !

    It was excellent, using a quality Beethoven work transcribed in the Robert King catalogue for trumpet, french horn & trombone.

    The original scoring was for 2 oboes and cor anglais !
    We were all surprised and plan to launch it on December 21st. in a Xmas concert.

    If you have a keen group of players just get together and do it !
    Most brass instruments will match well and it's great fun.

  2. i played in a trombone trio 4 about 6 months, i was on 1st and then there was the guy on 2nd and this superb girl on bass trom, really sexy aswell, damn i knew i shud have made a move 4 her, o well, the on quartet i played in had 2 cornets, a french horn and me on bass trom
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    Great stuff, particularly If you read bass clef, it opens up all those bassoon parts in orchestral trios and quartets.

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    I am playing for a trom octet, and quartet at the moment. If some of us are unavailable for the quartet we are tackling Bach's Two Part and Three part Inventions, these will keep you occupied but they really do improve your playing, especially the Basso Continuo (Bass Trom - Me) parts, they help with stamina and tonguing.

    We also decided to buy some of Mark NIghtingale's Duet arr's, now those of you who are into Jazz as well like me might find these are ridiculously difficult, but they don't half improve your sight reading!!!!!

    Go on give them a go!!! :D
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    I have a couple of friends who are part of an All Girlie Quartet called Euph4ria, they consist of 2 Euph's, 1 Eb Tuba & 1 Bb Tuba, they get quite a lot of jobs, locally, and further afield..
    They are all students at RNCM in Manchester

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