Lottery Money... Well spent? Need feedback!

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    So we got a little bit of money for the band I teach £5000 to be exact to put towards new instruments, we are an amateur band with a handful of players of quality, the majority are young but we will be decent. They had been playing on 700 series cornets etc, which were the best instruments in the band...:oops:

    Anyway we spent approx £6800 on the following:

    3 x Besson Sovereign Bb Cornets 928-2 (The Buffet Crampon ones) £3700
    I wanted to get the Xenos but we had our hands tied on this! Is there a difference in quality?

    1 x Yamaha YFL-6315 Flugel Horn £945
    I think this may actually be a 631S or a 631G, the writing wasnt great! Is there much of a difference in these

    1 x Yamaha YSL-620 Bb/F Tenor Trombone £1190
    We were told that this is commonly used as a Bass Trombone, or were we sold a pup on this one?! Can it be used as a Bass Trombone? Its also laquer finished I think

    1 x Yamaha YSL-445 Bb Tenor Trombone £569

    1 x Pearl Drumkit (5 piece) £461

    Total £6865

    I wasnt all that keen on getting Sovereign Cornets, Ive heard the pervious version of them were very hit & miss, but maybe this has been fixed.
    I wanted to get the best possible flugel that we could get, because they have poor intonation with cheaper models (or so ive been told)

    Part of me wishes that we had gone for Virtuosi. We got an intermediate Tenor Horn for one of the kids and were very impressed with it, and I know a guy who has the pro cornet and he was very happy with his, and they only cost £599!
    6 Pro Virtuosi cornets or 3 sovereigns... hmmm! Seemingly they also have a Pro Bass Trombone for only £450!! Surely something doesnt add up there? has anyone any experience of the Virtuosi Bass Trombone

    Thanks for any help!
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    Ballyreagh Silver man! Lottery money being passed around up there... Hmmm!
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    Nah it was Skeeeea or lisnaskea to be precise:) We will be happy with what we getm but its always nice to hope for the best you know! Hopefully some of the boffins here will help out :biggrin:

    We just recorded a CD with Ballyreagh, so we may need lotto money soon enough to cover the losses from nobody buying it :lol: Only kidding :D

    You guys going up to the contest in next few weeks?

    Oh great show you guys put on with Dyke in Strabane there a while back! :clap:
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    Personally, I think for whatever reason your "hands were tied" the new Bessons have a much more traditional cornet sound. This might have been better choice forced upon you.

    Must have been the 631G -- probably the best choice of the Yammie flugels for brass band work. See: Yamaha's Site

    I have not played this model personally (owning a music store, I go to shows a lot and Yamaha is ALWAYS there it seems). But I don't always get to their booth. I think the Bobby Shew model is a jazz flugel and not the best choice for a brass band. The 631G was probably a good choice.

    I am a trombone/euph player so I am a bit more knowledgeable about them. The YSL-620 is a true bass trombone. Yamaha has the "habit" of when they come out with a newer professional instrument, they keep the old series and call it "intermediate." In reality, they are more of a "low professional" model. It has a .563 bore and 9.5 inch bell. A good bone for the price. See details here.

    This is also a great bone for the price. Used to be their top line before the Xeno.

    Can't go wrong with Pearl. Make sure to buy some new heads. All drums come with demo heads that will get soft in a matter of months.

    I think the money was spent pretty well. The Besson valve problem seems to have been worked out. Now, all of these instruments have very tight tolerances. For the first several months the valves should be oiled every time they are played whether the need it or not. The valve casings should be wiped with a lint free cloth once a week for the first several month also. Avoid Al Cass oil. It has been known to stain Monel valves.

    No one knows if it just stains or actually does damage. Zaja Blue, Will Spencer's Oil, or the new Denis Wick oil are all fab choices. Super C by ProTec and UltraPure are also good choices.

    Actually, I think you did a very good job of spending the money you had available.

    Dr. Jim
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