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    Thanks for making it this far :tup ;)

    Anyway... I did trawl the forum here but I didnt get many satisfactory answers!

    Basically I play a Besson International Eb Soprano Cornet, which I picked up on Ebay for £150! :clap: in pretty good nick as well

    I was wondering, what bore does the Besson International have, and how does the bore affect playing (range and volume, Ive a pretty good tone, for the standard I play at, Im about Grade 8 standard). I also use a 7C mouthpiece, though there is no manufacturer written on the mouthpiece. There was a trumpet mouthpiece included with the instrument, a NEMC 7C I think it was. No idea how good that is as Ive no way of trying it out

    My main problems are with my volume and my range. When I play my Bb Cornet I can easily hit the F above top C, yet I really struggle to get anything above A on the Sop with any real conviction... On Bb I can also almost blow down the walls of the Hall, so it perplexes me greatly! :biggrin: I practice roughly an hour a day, and I mean practice, not rehearse! Building up to high notes slowly etc, so its likely a problem with the way I breathe, though I dont know whats the best way for a Sop player to breathe, I played the Bb Cornet for 10 years prior to this

    I also wonder how the International stacks up against the likes of the newer instruments, in easiness to blow. If you were to reccomend a decently priced instrument, what would it be?

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    here we are ...


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    ah cool! yeah its a nice sound, but ive been told the international is a junior instrument? is there much demand for these? As Im thinking about moving to the 926 Eb Besson Soprano
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    2nd Hand Schilke

    If you were to reccomend a decently priced instrument, what would it be?
    I guess 2nd hand schilke's aren't cheap at the moment but a lot of Sop players are currently upgrading to the new Xeno and the new Shilke so going for an older 2nd hand schilke could be a good move if the price starts to come down.