Lostock Hall Memorial Band - NW, 3rd section - solo cornet/trombone/percussion

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    Lostock Hall Memorial Band (North West, 3rd section) under the co-Musical Directorship of Graham Martin and Iain McKnight are currently looking to appoint players to the following positions:

    • Solo Cornet (principal position for right applicant)
    • Trombone (either tenor or bass)
    • Percussion (preferably kit/timps)

    If you would like to become a part of this hard working, ambitious and friendly band, please apply, in confidence, to either:
    Sarah Gardner (chairman): 07972 147653 / asgardner851@hotmail.co.uk
    Iain McKnight (co-Musical Director): 07929 857475 / iain.mcknight@gmail.com

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