LOST: Spectacles left in Brangwyn Hall, Swansea

Discussion in 'Lost, Found & Stolen Goods Register' started by TheMusicMan, Apr 12, 2006.

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    Hi there... would it be possible to make a request through the site for the help in retrieving a pair a spectacles I left behind in the band performers changing area of the Brangwyn Hall on Sunday the 19th March.

    The glasses I've lost I only wear for concerts/contests and so on returning after our performance (we were drawn #4) I returned to change back into walking-out attire, took off my glasses to put on my usual day-to-day glasses only to leave the other glasses on the window ledge!!

    I have contacted the Brangwyn Hall lost property and security depts - with no luck. I have also been in touch with the organisers - Phil Morris/Alan Gibbs - with the hope they may have been handed in... but no such luck. So, my only hope is that a bansman/woman saw them and picked them up.

    They are a gents thick black designer frame with rimless prescription lenses and are made by "Chanel" and have Chanel written in gold on the sides

    They are very expensive and I'm kicking myself for being so stupid and leaving them behind. I hope that you can put out my request to the bands people of South Wales to hopefully return them to me and I'm sure I can offer a reward for their safe return!!

    Many thanks to you on this matter....
    Fraser Bish
    Bayv Band
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