Lost - Flugel, Vincent Bach Stradivarius

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    Instrument: Flugel Horn
    Make and Model: Vincent Bach Stradivarius
    Serial Number: 610717
    Finish: laquered

    Mouthpiece: flugel mouthpiece
    Make and Model: denis wick
    Size: 4f & possibly 2f
    Finish: 4f laquer (wearing away), silver 2f

    Instrument Case Description: brown hard case, standard strad case.

    Any distinguising marks: small dent on the tube that runs from the bell up where it's level with the mouthpiece on the right hand side. I think some of the laquer is wearing away also on the bottom valve caps and near the valve tuning slides

    Last Known Location / Area Stolen From: Middleton, Greater Manchester
    Date Stolen (if unknown give range of dates):25th - 27th April 2006

    Other items stolen with instrument (in case they are sold together)
    Mutes, music stand, sheet music etc.
    Yamaha Silent Brass Mute, a red hymn book, various bits of ****.

    Other Information:

    Local Police Station: Middleton
    Reward: TBC

    Contact name: Laura Dawson
    e-mail: lauradawson@btinternet.com
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