Lost Cornet at Music For Youth!!!

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  1. Whilst performing at this years Music For Youth Festival in Birmingham on Wednesday 12th July, a member of Rochdale Borough Youth Brass Band either misplaced her cornet, or had it stolen. They are hoping it is the first option and that YOU might be able to help!!

    The cornet is a Besson 700, it is gold/laquered and has only one trigger. It is particularly distinctive as the holder for support of the right hand little finger has been welded on and is a Courtois holder (with the recognisable 'AC' design). It was in a red and blue 'GIG' bag, which also contained a selection of mutes.

    It belongs to a young lady who is off to study music at University in September and it is therefore crucial that, should somebody know it's whereabouts, it is returned to owner ASAP!

    If anybody has any information please contact Rochdale Music Service on 01706 750288 or PM myself!

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    Hi Helen, sorry to hear about the missing cornet. I realise you've given most of the details, but if you'd like to complete the details here, we'll also add it to the missing/stolen instrument register.