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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by MartinT, Aug 6, 2008.

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    The Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire is retiring on Friday the 8th, and I've been asked to supply a trumpeter to play something appropriate during a ceremony taking place in the afternoon.
    I've located a trumpeter (no mean feat at this time of year!), but find myself unsure as to what would be most appropriate for him to play.
    Bugle calls were mentioned. I thought of "Reveille" (not "Rouse" - I mean the Reveille in F which is often played on Remembrance Sunday), but is it appropriate for the situation? Or the bugle call from "Sunset" (quite opposite to Reveille in meaning, I suppose) seems a possibility.
    Then again, I have a booklet entitled "Infantry Bb Bugle & Trumpet Tutor & Calls". This has a call entitled "Salute (Viceroy, Governor-General, Governor, or His Majesty's Chief Representative)". It's a very boring looking call, almost entirely on C... is it appropriate? The following one in the book looks more interesting - indeed, I recognise it - but is apparently intended for Field Marshals and General Officers. Does that cover Lords Lieutenant, I wonder?
    All opinions welcomed.
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    Thanks. Having had a quick listen, I realise that the most appropriate solution is likely to be "Retreat" - this is number 40 in my little book, can't think why I didn't notice it before, particularly as the band played "Sunset" just the other day!:oops:
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    Sunset with band accomp would be a fitting finale. You could find what Regiment the Lord Lieutenant is connected with and play the regimental march of his old regiment. A copy can be sent from the royal military school of music or any friendly military band.

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    You knlow what this title actually means, yeah?
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    Yeah it is, the Queen's representative for thae county of Oxfordshire.
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    OK, well, what actually happened in the end wasn't quite what I originally expected. What was asked for - to be played to get people's attention for the beginning of the ceremony - was the "Charge"!

    The guy doing the asking is ex-USMC, and finds "Retreat" "really depressing". ;)

    Anyway, all went off OK, thanks to an excellent young trumpeter named Tomi Johnson. (Who may or may not be registered on tMP.)

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