Loosing our Band room.

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    The council are kicking the brass band I belong to out of the building we use. We have a potential new premises, but we will need to raise £120,000 to buy it. Apart from the obvious lottery grant are there any other grants people could recommend, or funding ideas.

    Many thanks in advance.
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  2. 2nd tenor

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    I am sorry to hear of your difficulties and suspect that many bands are vulnerable to a similar course of action by their Local Council. The details you have supplied above are limited to the one response (buy a band-room) however, by far most of the bands that I know of hire premises. Have you considered that option and found over-riding reasons to reject it ?
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    Might be a long shot but you could try crowd funding.
    Or writing to local large businesses to see if they have any free space. Often they are happy that it is being used as it can make it more secure.
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    Local schools often need to prove they have links into the community so may be happy to provide space. Churches might also have a hall to rent. The biggest issue could be storage.
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    Why not take out a mortgage on the building you intend to buy ?? Assuming the building is worth what you intend to pay a bank or building society would loan you the money. The loan (mortgage ) would be secured against the property reducing the banks risk, that coupled with historically low interest rates could make the repayments lower than any potential rents you may have to pay and the band would own the building. Or is the objective for the band to avoid putting their hand in their pocket at all ??If so you could try crowd funding or selling some magic beans as some of the above posts have suggested.

  6. I just came back to make sure someone had mentioned this. There are churches that would be glad to have a resident musical group, and would take the rent in trade (i.e., play for a couple of services a year, and lend the occasional soloist.)

    I think that any ambitious school band teacher would welcome the influence of an "adult" performing group on the music program.
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    Don't forget about the magic beans.............Why are some people/organisations so reluctant to make good solid long term financial investments in their own future ?
  8. I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you're talking about.
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    We're very lucky in that we rehearse in a local school - a previous headteacher let us have it rent free providing we dont need to get the caretaker out (although it helps that I'm also a Governor and hold a key)
    Our main issue is - as you mention - storage, however we all muck in and keep stuff at home
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    I suspect that you might not be UK based and hence not familiar with some 'turns of phrase' used here. The way I understand it Tallyman is suggesting that band members put there hands in their own pockets and help to buy a property. He might well also be suggesting that other people (outside of the band) be encouraged to hand over money in exchange for a share of some sort in a building which will have little practical value to them. A bit like Jack buying 'Magic Beans' in the story 'Jack and the Bean Stalk'.