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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by barrowgirl, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. barrowgirl

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    At Christmas the East Riding of Yorkshire Band will be loosing there current band room. If anybody knows of anywhere in the Beverley area that can be used as a bandroom please get intouch.
  2. Rebel Tuba

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    Drastic news, always the worst news for any band, sorry can't help but I wish you well with your search
  3. tubafran

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    Sorry can't give an specifics but we don't have our own bandroom and have moved our rehearsal room a number of times since I've been in the band.

    Local pubs are a good location - often have spare rooms that they let out for modest rent, especially on quiet nights (don't forget to tell them how much bands drink - they'll be queing up to get you)

    Slightly more sobering thought are local churches, church halls etc (tell them that you used to be a temperance band).

    Schools can be problematic in that they usually have a "caretaker" who needs paying to let you in and lock-up afterwards.

    Anyway good luck hope yhou find somewhere soon.
  4. NeilW

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    Village halls / Community Centres are often very "reasonably priced" for long-term, regular hire, and will often let you use (or install) some storage.

    Remember there's been a outbreak of lottery-funded rebuilding, so they're often nice, modern, well-lit venues. Shipton-upon-Cherwell village hall where Stonesfield band rehearse is certainly in this category (even has air-con for the summer :) ). Of course having a "community band" reheasing there is a fulfillment of their lottery grant terms....

    Had a quick look and there seems to be a community centre in Tickton - once you find one you can often find the lists of all of them on the web, often on the local government sites. [my great grandfather lived in Tickton in "the Grange" - which is now a hotel! I have quite a lot of his photos from the late 1800s of the area...]

    Good luck

  5. PeterBale

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    You may well find that storage is more of a problem than fi ding a physical space to rehearse in. We were out of our hall for a year while the rebuilding took place,and ended up with music in three or four locations, some of it more accessible than others, and it's surprising how frustrating it can be. We also operated with minimal percussion, simply because of the logistics of everything having to be shifted in and out for each rehearsal. Indeed, there were times when our percussionist just sat in and followed his part, especially if he was delayed getting there after work (and don't say they should always do that :eek: )
  6. eckyboy

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    Bad news.
    It may be worth trying a local business who has a warehouse or similar and pay for the service by way of sponsorship. Just a thought and good luck.
  7. barrowgirl

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    We have found a temporary solution thanks to a local church. Thanks for all the advice, we will keep looking.
  8. IanHeard

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    I agree with others that losing your bandroom can be unsettling for a band, my band had a similiar thing happen to it three years ago, when a local British Legion Club hoofed us out with about four weeks notice!
    That said it galvanised a great spirit within the band and we managed to re-locate to a much better and more supportive enviroment within a community music facility, and the band is currently flourishing.
    Best of luck with the search!

    Ian H.
  9. Crazysop

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    Same kind of thing happened to us in 2002, we had to move out of our band club because it was condemmed, we moved into a local church hall whilst we waited for our sponsors to find us a new home. We are still in the church. Its got bags of storage and we use the sunday school rooms for lessons/beginners etc. And the best thing is its big enough o use as a concert venue too! Find a church hall is what I say!
  10. sevenhelz

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    agh, there's a bandroom on the loose? quick, stop it before it hurts someone!