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  1. MrsDoyle

    MrsDoyle Supporting Member

    To be honest with you nothing will beat the Globe Stamp Sovs or the Imperials. Beautiful instruments.
  2. chrisjohnston

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    Milton Keynes
    re thread

    In 1974 I was fortunate to play at the Royal Albert Hall National Finals with Camborne town band (Cornwall), we were the first UK brass band to have a full set of Yamaha instruments. we came 2 points behind Black Dyke Mills.
    In 1974 we were all anti Japanese, but now Yamaha are one of the leading manufacturers world wide.
    For many years China have been catching up with the world and some of the instruments made in China are indeed very good.
    I personally promote our range of helios UK instruments & yes they are made in China.
    But all our customers are delighted with there purchases, & yes we state they are made in China.
    I believe we should not be blinkered by the country name China, they have great technology and have stringent procedures in manufacturing.
    In reality not many instruments in the UK are made in the UK if the truth be known.
  3. pabilo

    pabilo New Member

    Couldn't agree more. Because of reading such good reports, and tempted by the cheap price, I bought their top of the range cornet, and was so disappointed. Workmanship and quality of instrument very poor. Inside of bell very rough and badly stained with white powder which would not clean off. (presumably, solder?) Valve action very agricultural. Didn't play too badly, but looked and felt awkward and unfinished. Had obviously not been inspected before being posted out. Rang supplier within one hour of delivery, and told them of my disappointment. Posted item back to them same afternoon, and received full refund very promptly.
    Might have been a one-off bad one, but I wouldn't chance it again.
    Managed to source a new Yamaha Xeno at very discounted price, and although I ended up paying a few hundred pounds more - I am delighted with it - no comparison in very respect.
  4. winterman

    winterman Member

    West Yorkshire
  5. sooze booze

    sooze booze Member

    Barton on Humber, Nth Lincs

    Our youth and junior band, (Barton Town), play on JP blues cornets, tenor horns, baritones, 4 valve euphs, tenor trombones and Eb basses. The very few problems we have expierenced have been sorted quickly and easily. All the instruments are well constructed, ergonomic and make a good sound, they are also in tune with themselves and other well designed instruments. I would recommend them to anyone as we have had a very positive experience with them all.
  6. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    West Yorkshire
    Have you also autopsy-ed a JP instrument? if not it would seem unfair to compere the two.

    We have bought two Virtuosi Baritones in December, customer service and quality of instruments has been excellent so far.
  7. midnight_euph

    midnight_euph Member

    I've recently bought a 2nd hand JP tenor trombone 'for fun', because we're playing the odd 'big band' set at Ratby where I swap from euph to trom, (blame Geoff Newman's sense of humour, I hadn't played trombone 'in anger' for 30 years before he CONNED me back onto one).

    Ok. It's not a patch on the trombones I used to play professionally. Having said that; the tone is fine, and gives an ease of full range; the slide is still 'true' (despite it being a school instrument before I had it!): the laquer is still good. And it plays freely. My only gripe is the mouthpiece sits REALLY deeply in the pipe and feels a wee bit 'odd', though on testing it IS a totally airtight fit.

    I'd recommend it as a 'beginner' instrument, and a good alternative to a King 2b for a student. It's probably not going to last the decades we've come to expect from instruments. But I'd rate it as value for the £50.00 I paid.
  8. sousaphone68

    sousaphone68 New Member

    I bought a Virtuosi 4 valve Bb non comp Euphonium of a UK seller on ebay it had been mis labelled as a Eb tuba it cost me £120 plus postage it plays in tune and if you oil twice a week has OK valve action the brass is very thin and dents easily it has a large receiver that will take my DW3 mouthpiece and is great fun to play in the lower register. My ten year old son has taken it over and is making good progress on it in the town band l had assumed it was a Chinese horn until reading this thread. l have since bought a Jin Bao 700 eb and a "Bubbie" travel tuba and found them to be good. The caveat being like other posters if you can buy from a good local source who understands your needs and can give you the guarantee and after sales service then some of these Asian horns are worth a go.

    Noel Carrick
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