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    Love . . . . Themes!

    We are playing at a Wedding and the bride would like Disney love themes whilst they sign the register. Can anyone suggest some for me. . . and even better does anyone know if there are any arranged for brass band?

    The one I know and have is Lion King, Can you feel the love tonight.
  2. Andrew Norman

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  3. We've recently published Taylor Swift's 'Love Story', a take on Romeo & Juliet - might not be what you mean by 'Love themes' but anyone who knows the piece would probably agree that it would fit in the 'Love Song' category and goes down well with younger listeners or anyone in the know of the pop charts (& has a great key change at the end). You can hear a sample below...

    Full score & parts: £19.95
    Direct Link - http://www.penninemusic.com/show_score_details.php?id=128&tf=L3.rtf
    Audio Sample - CLICK HERE
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    Beauty and The Beast is included in A Disney Spectacular (though perhaps not thinking about it :)) also Bella Notte (the one played to the dogs in Lady & The Tramp - actually that may not be suitable either)
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    Thats a link to a CD actually entitled disney love songs, some of which already posted, but hopefully it will be able to point you in some directions you wouldnt have thought of. I don't know of any of them are published though.

    Unfortunately all I can think of is Under the Sea from the Little Mermaid. Its a crab expressing his love of living under the sea so maybe a tenuous link ;) Plus I know you've got the music for it.
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    Its not Disney...but we had 'for the love of a princess' from braveheart :)
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    probably not what you would immediately think of but at one of the weddings we did we played zip a dee doo dah (lifted from disney fantasy) as the couple walked out of the church.

    The last wedding we did we were hired to play one piece only which was King of the Swingers. Apparantly it meant something to the bride and groom but never did find out what
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    Hmm!! :)
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    I know 'An American Tale' is not Disney, but you could you get away with 'Somewhere Out there'? At least its published! ;)
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