looking for Trumpet - Cornet mouthpiece adaptor

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by brownrob, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. brownrob

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    im looking for an adaptor for a trumpet mouthpiece, that will fit into my existing besson eb soprano cornet, ive been told that such a thing isnt made anymore...

    also have besson stopped making eb sops?! :confused: :eek:
  2. BrianT

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    I expect you could get an adaptor that would allow you to use a cornet mouthpiece with a trumpet, but I'm not sure about the other way round; the trumpet mouthpiece is a couple of cm longer than the cornet mouthpiece, and the shank is bigger. Instead of an adaptor, why not buy a cornet mouthpiece which has the same cupsize as your existing trumpet mouthpiece? This is what I did - I have two Bach #1 mouthpieces, one with the cornet shank for sop and the other that fits my trumpet.
  3. tam-tam2

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    I used to have the misfortune of playing a Sovereign sop. With that, the tuning slide was not on the leadpipe.......therefore, on the end you screwed in either a shank for using a trumpet mouthpiece or a different one to use a cornet mouthpiece. The cornet came with the two different shanks.Was a strange beast, I can't even remember what mouthpiece I used in it...thinking back it was definately a cornet mouthpiece, a warburton I believe but can't remember what size.

    The band did see sense an buy a Schilke with their lottery grant though!!
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  4. Flugelmahorn

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    I played on a similar model Besson Sop earlier this year and the shank could fit either a cornet or trumpet mouthpiece depending on which bit you wanted to screw on. The intonation on the instrument was hard work at the best of times but with a trumpet mouthpiece attached it caused no end of pain.

    Definitely get a schilke!
  5. brownrob

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    Im currently playing a Besson International... so what you guys are saying that the Sovereign Besson Eb is a really bad instrument, worse than I currently have? I dont mind different shanks etc
  6. sop 1

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    schilke,schilke,schilke,schilke,schilke,schilke all the way!
    expensive but worth it!
  7. brownrob

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    Unfortunately mate I have 3 options...

    1) Use wage cheque on non band stuff and keep my International... (Boo Hiss!)
    2) Use wage cheque and try to buy one of the 926 Eb Sovereigns with the Trumpet/Cornet mouthpiece. They go on ebay about £500 ish, and I just bid £500 for one on ebay... :S
    3) Use wage cheque and put it along with next mnths wage cheque and use it on a Schilke (£1700 in my local-ish) music shop, but i fear it may not be the new model, and be broke for 2 months and be a hermit, but can spend time practicing lol

    Seriously though, I want to stack the 3 together, Shilke, sovereign and international and compare (or should i make a new topic?!). Im never going to play in a championship band (I was asked to join one though!) , I play in a band that marches a lot, has 40 members at most events, and like to play loud marches like the thin red line, gladiators farewell and the new colonial, so I want to be able to pump it out, lots of fff :D

    So, which is easiest to play the loudest in ;) without blacking out of course :) What benefits does the sovereign hold over the schilke, and how much better are these 2 than the international?

    Thanks for all the help so far
  8. WhatSharp?

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    The Schilke far outstrips the Sovereign,I played one for about 18 years before I got my Schilke and the difference in tone, tuning and projection are amazing. However, the difference in price matches it!.

    I used to play a trumpet mouthpiece ( Wick 7C ) with my Sov and I'll be honest it sounded dire , once I switched to a cornet mouthpiece it got a lot better. Your best option is to find a Warburton mouthpiece of equivelent size to your current trumpet mouthpiece and then buy a trumpet and a cornet backbore ( the Warburtons have a screw on backbore, I'd personally recommend a 7* backbore ). A lot cheaper than a new instrument and a better tone than a standard trumpet m/piece.
  9. Cornet Nev.

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    In this case , you have had the best advice going, If you don't have the adapter then go for the cornet mouthpiece that is of the same type as the trumpet one. (Cheapest option)
    For any one else wanting to use a cornet mouthpiece in a trumpet I could make a brass adapter sleeve. This would make the cornet mouthpiece nearly the same length as a trumpet one, therefore not affecting tuning by much. However an adapter sleeve for the other way round would extend the length of the mouthpiece tube and seriously affect tuning (much flatter, so the slide may not go in far enough.)
  10. brownrob

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    I ended up buying a Sov Sop for £500 on Ebay so it seemed like a good deal, and it lets me play trupet/cornet mouthpieces. Sure I could trade it in for more than 500 if its a heap of dung lol

    Thanks for the help folks!