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    I am looking for a second hand tenor horn in mint condition if possible. Ideally i would like to have a York Preference or even a Besson Prestige! with sensible price tags!!
    If anyone is considering selling one or knows anyone selling one can you please let me know as it would be greatly appreciated. I would like to get one asap. I am wiling to pay for carriage to Northern Ireland so this shouldn't be a concern!.
    Hope someone can help!
    many thanks
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  2. Aussie Tuba

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    not much on ebay at the moment. I suggest you register with ebay if not already and do a search for tenor horn. If you save the search they email notifications of items that are listed as they are listed. I have seen some real bargains in the past. I bought my sousaphone off ebay from the US and have had no trouble. hope that's helpful.
  3. Would you consider a Sovereign?
  4. chrisjohnston

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    We have a new ex demo in stock of our Eastman range Eb Tenor horns complete with trigger available on special offer!
    RRP £895 January sale £695 but as an ex demo £495 plus carriage
    Brass laquer finish

    Take a look www.eastmanuk.co.uk
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    You just missed out on a mint condition York Tenor Horn with Glyn Williams Musical Instruments......it was advertised on 4br but was sold at Butlins this last weekend.

    However........Glyn does have a brand new York Preference Tenor Horn in stock with a great price ticket that reflects York having gone out of business recently.

    Give him a call on 07976 628956 or email info@glynwilliamsmusicalinstruments.com

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    :tongue: I hope the instrument quality is more Excellent! than the website's grammar.
  7. chrisjohnston

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    Worzel what's your problem?
  8. towse1972

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    I'm no genius but i'm pretty sure that he means the grammar on your website is poor.
  9. chrisjohnston

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    oh can't please everyone I will have to check it through with developer


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